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Seven was in Boston. But the nineteen thousand fans watched on the scoreboard at the enterprise center, where the blues play their home games won't beside themselves, as the last second stick away, the crowd included. Dan Egli has twelve year old son. Joe Egli used to ride his bike to watch games at the old arena buying tickets with money. He'd made mowing lawns. He says watching the team race the Cup brought him to tears. I've been waiting forty seven years for this, I started playing hockey when I was five years old come into blues game since I was six and. Heartbreaker heartbreaker after heartbreak every year. But we keep coming back. We've finally got this thing done. Joe Egli was also having trouble crossing the moment. It just never happens in Saint Louis. Don't disbelieve this understandable, blues fans like Katie. Feld. Meyer came into the season with high hopes. Opening-night happens. And that was rough the blues lost that first game of the season, five to one at the start of January, they were in last place. It was in the midst of an eleven game winning streak in late January and early February that fell Myers optimism came back students plan. With victory in game seven on Wednesday. The blues became the first team since the league expanded to twelve teams in nineteen sixty seven to win the Stanley Cup after being in last place that late in the season that parade is set for later this week for NPR news. I'm Rachel Lipman in Saint Louis. This is NPR news on Kikuchi de the time. Seven twenty nine. Another look at your commute.

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