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Bail our guest announcers Caesar Baldwin faces off against his Frenemy Kate Jones who was on the show as civilian contestant and I'll talk to actor Zachary Quinto. He plays Mr Spock in the Star Trek films and he's in the film version of the boys in the band on Netflix. But first we have writer comedian and activist host of the podcast how to citizen fair to date Thurston and zooming in from another continent is good friend and Starve Sitcom study side here in deal select placed some gate. Joining us right now from all over the world, we have Kirin deal add baritone day Thurston hey high. So I know that you are now living in California Baritone Day. Care and I know you were in England, are you back in America? Now, you're still Glenn and still in England in a seventies time capsule. Lovely my. Grandfather's home and so it's really gotta yet it's just like it's really I'm living in the Pentagon. I just want to say that when you all asked, who do I want to do this show with? Yeah, and I was like Oh Karen it'll be great. I haven't seen her in a while we both live in La. Now, this'll be a great chance to hang out with like a neighbor friend and I just found out she's on the other. Of An ocean so it's too late to retract, but I'm feeling type away about. So we get. So you guys met awhile ago through standup basically, right? Karen you were on a show that was your show right baritone tuned day I. Don't know if it was my show I interpreted it as my show. Okay. This is your show. percent his show. But my my recollection might be ego centric memory is that. I wanted to do an event and they're like, we have a whole bunch of other non white people who WanNa talk about being non way. Let's just do it together and and Kieran was at least my first memory of meeting and seeing her was performing and I just laughed my often this is a very smart person is going to abandon our nation at some point in the future make me really Day. To that is your story of how you met. Karen. But when we asked cured how she met you, she also mentioned that like she met you through this show and that you throw amazing cocktail parties, I mean clearly not right now but in the past. Yeah that's really true. helped create something when I worked for onion call whiskey Friday and it was an intro office thing an excuse to drink hard alcohol and the workplace, and it was glorious as a simpler and better time and actually I remember a very epic whiskey Friday I had moved to La for a year. It didn't work out literally girlfriend dumped me. Move there to host not only was canceled the whole network folded. That's how terrible the most La story like they canceled the possibility of all shows. That's when you know it really was not you. That's right. That's right. That's right. So I threw a party to say farewell awake and I think is the one. That almost remember we like borrowed someone's house in Beverly Hills to throw this huge cocktail party I made sure to hire black people. It was hired black catering company like Barton because we're Roland deep into Beverly Hills with mad people color and we just have music and drinks and. And it was it was pretty epic. So I think. Maybe. Interpreted that all my. Time. Baritone days really underselling how cool he is. He's very cool. All of his party's or that cool I love the way he's failed ethically and then I celebrated I mean, that's cool. Failures you can celebrate big I. Think you're killing the game. Okay. So baritone day Kirin. We have a couple of FUN Games for you. Awesome. Your first game is an audio quiz called. Eat My words play you a clip of a celebrity chef. You tell me who it is. Bartender did you study? No eight food? That's all you need. Okay Bear. Tunde. Here's your.

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