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Highest potential she was CEO Hewlett-packard during the dotcom boom and bust report being fired. What what she calls equal more room brawl? When you are leading change you get some arrows in your back? Change is hard and resistance is real and so it must be understood and manage strategically. I knew that then I new even even more now. She's face discrimination survived breast cancer and lived through the unimaginable loss of a child. Everything I feared in my life has happened to me not dying. I feared my mother would go unexpectedly and I wouldn't be able to reach her and and speak to her in time it happened. I fear getting cancer. I feared a child dying. I feared bad headlines. Everything I've been afraid of in my life. I feared the Strip club. Yes the Strip club. Wait until you hear that story. She calls herself a problem solver and says that's why she decided sighted to run for president after running against then candidate trump in two thousand sixteen. Does she think the president should now be impeached. I think it is vital that he be impeached. Do you recognize the Republican Bill Right now. Actually will you run for our president again. I have no idea. I don't think that's something. I have an interest in doing right now because the Republican Party right now seems to be all about pledging fealty. Donald trump no matter. What and I'm just not in that place? Let's jump right in with Carly Fiorina Carly theory and it's a pleasure. Thank you very much. Thank you we're going to start in a place where most of us don't start and then we're going to back up into your childhood and and all of those formative years. I would like to begin because you were the first woman to run a fortune fifty company. You were splashed across magazine covers. You became famous overnight. Frankly and then you say I was fired in board room brawl. So take me back to that morning. You're walking into each P.. You know you're not going to be at that company company anymore and it's not going to be pretty what was going through your head. Well what was going through. My head is frankly I was being fired over a matter. Our principal for me. I had board members who were leaking confidential board conversations to the media. I had board members who were trying to manage the company and put their favorite people into jobs that those favorite people couldn't do and so I had issued an ultimatum of sort part to my board and said this behavior has to stop. And if it doesn't either you go or I go and so the board got together and I knew fundamentally finally that the board would not have the courage to expel fellow board members and so I pretty much figured I was going to be the one to go. My husband was assuring me no no. They would never do that. They would never do that so I was prepared for for what came but more importantly I had made my own choices. I didn't feel like a victim. I could have said to them. Okay all is forgiven. Sure done a lot of things to keep my job. I chose to stand on my principles because I thought it was important and so it was terrible obviously The press that followed was terrible but I was prepared and it didn't crush me and unfortunately a year later those board members got fired fired in the company went through a terrible time. Do you think that it actually eventually made you a stronger person. Perhaps a better candidate when he ran for president he I think any time we get through setback or difficulty or face our fears. We are stronger and better as a result of it. I think that's always true. And so at that time my fear was oh my gosh. Yeah if I get fired heard the headlines will be horrible they were and they were but my greater fear honestly was I'm going to sell my soul and be left trying to do a job without the requisite authority to do it and that was worse to make. What is the most important decision decision you have ever made to be true to yourself? It sounds so corny to not sell. Oh your soul you know I think in life we have to make that decision over and over again the first time I made it was perhaps when I dropped out of law school because I figured it wasn't for for me the most visible time I made it perhaps was when I decided to let myself get fired on principle or maybe it was when when I decided I wasn't going to support A nominee or president that. I can't support but the point is I think are difficult. Decisions are always. He's the ones that perhaps cost us in the short term but strengthen us in the long term and define us and it's why I say to people all the time don't don't sell your soul. No one will ever pay you back. Nothing we'll ever pay you back if you sell your soul and there are many temptations to do so along the way till let's go back to to that brave decision to drop out of law school and you start your new book. Find your way here you are at your parents house you are in the shower yes shower important decisions and you have a realization that you don't have to do this but it's it's what your dad wants you to do and it's what you think you should do what happens. Well you have to. I have to say that I was apparent pleaser. I was a people pleaser. That was my core competence. I pleased people and so I was born in the family. Who always did what my parents said? I was the good girl and so it wasn't just that I was disappointing. Them it was that I was acting completely inconsistently with the way they had always expected me to act and so I really was very afraid. It seems so silly now but honestly the thing that I was afraid of is. They're not gonNa love me as much if I disappoint them in this way they didn't he didn't take it. Well no neither one of them well. But but on the other hand the revelation I had in the shower was I can't live a life for someone else and I don't like the life I'm living so I had to dry off and the suit up and March downstairs and say the words I quit. Dad was a law professor law school dean later appointed a deputy attorney general. I mean here you are not pleasing your parents walking walking away from the path. They think you're going to be on need to be on your. Your father said something that really struck me which was essentially like I. I don't know if you're GONNA amount to anything. Of course. He denied it in later years. But specific I would not forget this specifically what he said was. I'm very disappointed appointed dagger to the heart for parents policing child. I'm afraid you're not going to amount to anything now. In retrospect backed thank goodness. He didn't say will you can always get married or it doesn't really matter what you do right. I mean I would have rather her. Had Him challenged me in the way that he did. Well what are you going to do then. SORTA say it didn't matter but it was harsh. Did you ever make him proud. Oh my Gosh yes they ask why my dad would deny he ever said We parents have selective memory yes Yes of course. I made him proud and I made my mother proud and and I hope I still make them around. What was she like? What was her open her life like because you you you've talked about in the book something that I believe give you said she told you what you are is God's gift to you what you make of yourself is your gift to God so my mother in another the era would have been a CEO? Perhaps she had a very unhappy childhood. Her mother died when she was ten. She was raised by a very Callous stepmother her father did not support her desire her to go on and be educated in college. said it wasn't for girls so she ran away from home at eighteen and joined the women's Air Corps in World War. Two Pretty Gutsy decision just got on a bus and Latte. I'd say so. She was gutsy woman and had a lot of What we would call rectitude? You know. That's an old fashioned word.

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