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Yeah now the next big statement person we want to ask about. Is alfred hitchcock. Because this was in the very early forties you got cast. I mean you've done a couple of bit parts. I guess but this is essentially your first movie. Oh yes nineteen forty two. My came out here to do too by the way recommended to hitch further apart by jack. Now the interesting thing is both jack houseman. And here which were under contract to david schultz nick and hitch went off on his own and jaxkar bowl was producing saboteur. A but hitch. Ask houseman if he knew of a young actor who could play this saboteur and has been immediately recommended me. I don't forget that morning of going over to hitch. I think eight o'clock khulumani research and we had a conversation and hit it off. Like hammond eggs. Just perfect from nord. Go that you showed us a photo in your office over there. it's you and hitch an. I've never seen him that young. I mean you're a baby face as well. But i've never seen him that young and it's wild. You already look connected you already. You said you've just gotten back from filming saboteur. It's it's incredible to think that that you were part of his is movie making that early in this country. Yeah wonderful pictures in england. Yeah but then he came to rely on you then as with joan harrison. We did the tv series. And when did he start looking to you. for advice at different times as more than an actor. Yeah well i told you hate. Should i used as i did wellstone hussein. I'd have come stations set while we're waiting for the shot on just saying what i felt about a shot or whatever and gradually these fellas would need i. I didn't wanna use the word help which not help me an assistant to just be there and it happened on chabotar where i played the saboteur. But what hitched liked was that i had all these opinion certainly about acting in particular and scenes and so on so he remembered that when lawson who was the major figure in this town as hitch to do a television program.

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