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I want to ask about a misapprehension that seems to be had by a lot of folks, particularly in the Jewish community about the Evangelo Christian view of Israel. The misperception seems to be the only reason that Evancho Christians care about the state of Israel and the Jews generally is because the goal is to get all the Jews back to Israel at which point Jesus makes his reappearance. The the rapture happens. And everything is great from then on end. But if it weren't for all that then Israel, screw them. That obviously is inaccurate. I particularly offended by that. I place Christ was a Jew. Jesus was a Jew. That's indisputable. I believe we have a duty to love Jews and not and. Through we believe that Christians drive, their salvation through Judaism and through Jews. And it's it's open to everyone, by the way. It's not just open to gentiles. It's open to everyone. I also don't I reject this notion. And I also don't understand it. I know a lot of Christians who feel this way this a little bit different. But it's analogous point. They want Jesus to come back. They want him to return. I can't wait for Jesus coming. I don't get that. Because if you believe you're saved, and if you believe you're going to spend eternity with God. Anyway, what difference? Does it make it becomes back and exacts revenge on your on your enemies, or whatever I don't even understand that? But I believe that that. Israel is the Jews everlasting possession. I believe in the Abraham at covenant. I believe that is not been radically. Did I don't agree with the covenant theologians as opposed to the dispensationalist or whatever who believed that the church has been substituted for Israel. I believe Israel, Israel that land is theirs forever. And when I think about the Jews returning to Israel in nineteen forty seven hundred forty eight that gives me goosebumps about the validity of the bible and God's superintendents and sovereignty. That's just too unbelievable. That that happened that for God not to be behind it. And I believe that those who bless bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse Israel will be cursed. And but I don't even have to. I don't I don't my allegiance to Israel and Jews isn't because I'm afraid I'll be smacked down. I believe it's just part of it. I I have an affinity. I'm not trying to to patronize you. But I've felt that way since and I think. Believing juice feel that way they can sense it the idea that we want to usher in this in times and expedite the rapture. I know there's some looney tunes out there that have that and some people, I guess, but I, but I don't know anybody nobody that I respect wants to do it for that reason they want to do it because they're so sick of how crazy the world has become and that I can understand but not for the sake of. S sharing of information other reason and not for utilitarian purposes about the Jews that's pretty cynical. But I know I'm not saying, you're simple. And there are a lot of apprehension about all of this. And I think that it's really important to lose it eight that because when I say people don't believe that the same way they would from somebody who actually studies stuff. So we've spent a lot of time talking about sort of the divisions between Christianity and Judaism. But it seems to me the right now in the United States and more broadly, the grave division is between Judeo between believers in the Judeo Christian value system and everybody else that they're right now, they're group of people who believe that essentially.

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