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A three bedroom apartment and i had family my in my better oh chinatown chinatown chinatown and then like the next building was like a nice building probably don't talk to the fish market at school. No it was like it was great. It was good. It was wonderful well because it was like exactly where i was at in my life so much better. There's no i fully fuck across the well with no fucking money to pursue xuemei dream and this is what i get the mice were also acting class south law and order while i was living there and i was so happy with my first was t._v. Credit and i really wanted to tell somebody but i couldn't tell anyone because no game and nobody had to get that apartment. I called my mom who speaks chinese. Eh asian singapore chinese network didn't believe asian. That's a whole communities. I've had so many people tell me to my face and i'm not asian yeah 'cause they are full asia. Yeah yeah yes. I didn't believe it until my mom spoke to them and explain the situation mommy's boy i love that i'm sorry mom him did so much for me. Gentlemen <unk> just to give me a chance just to give me a chance in life like it's almost like i like everything to do. You know what i mean realized. This is like the people who've done the most for me and my life have all been women of kayla like even personally professionally. Yeah sure you know what i mean like. It's it's it's it's wild wild and so it was like i like it's completely kind of like going to say informs <hes> my view of things especially politically and socially and so and so forth but fucking motza what about way so you did law then you said you were in modern family. Uh things that were fairly small then you got insecure. I just want to ask you this because like mike always talk about this in comedy that moment you gotta be ready..

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