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Is up 221 points. A lot more layoffs. I'm Jeff Gable. It's ten 48. We have traffic and weather on the 8s to Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center. Delay sticking around on the top side of the beltway in Maryland outer loop, your delays from Georgia avenue this is gonna take you all the way toward three 55 before three 55. That's the long-standing wreck along the left side. Then you find the delay after river road headed across the American legion bridge callers were reporting the work set up in the left lane while the inner loop delay takes you to that same point and that is the work in the right lane, inner loop also slow headed towards 66 that work usually on the right side. The inner loop in prince George's county now seeing the volume from Pennsylvania avenue headed past the suitland Parkway toward Allentown roads. So this should be a mobile work crew moving along that stretch. In the district southbound D.C. two 95 is heavy before bening road, headed past east capitol street, northbound no delays right now coming from the 11th street bridge toward benning road. Mississippi avenue between 15th street and Stanton road southeast that was utility work, northbound Dale Carly a Parkway was more than circle watch for the activity there that was in northwest. Now in Maryland, the crash may be cleared northbound two O one Edmonton road near powder mill road those delays are easing. Westbound span of the bay bridge, the left lane of three is blocked with the work, two lanes in each direction across the bridge and not really seeing a backup, while in Virginia, northbound three 95 is heavy out of Springfield toward duke street, the work on the right side, northbound 95, the delays begin in dumfries, headed toward the del city rest area. This is going to be the crash on the left side, southbound slows, out of Dale City, this is solid all the way into triangle, watch for the work crew along the right side. Nova's public transportation providers are working hard to make your ride safe. We're taking care of the big things so you can relax and enjoy the ride. Rediscover your ride at nova rides dot org. I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic. Let's go live down to storm team four is Mike with our forecast. Good morning, Mark. We are going to see a little bit of sunshine across the area as the afternoon goes on. Look for a mixture of cloud cover and sunshine. It will

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