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Morning, show news talk eight, fifty caliber. You FTE out West Palm Beach, sunrise lake worth. From ABC news I'm Richard Cantu prosecutors, in Pinellas. County Florida charge Michael. Drako with manslaughter the white man shooting. And killing unarmed black man marquees mcglockton after mcglockton shoved Drako during an argument over a parking spot in, Clearwater Florida Drake a charge despite his claim of self defense under the state's stand your, ground law Drake confronted McLachlan's girlfriend for parking in. A handicapped spot while he was inside one. Mcglockton comes outside he sees the argument and shoves Drako who then pulls out a gun and opens fire the father of three stumbling back. Into the store he's five year old son. Watching him die, ABC's Victor oquendo the FBI fired agent Peter Struck over his anti-trump texts report from the Justice, department inspector general found strut did so unprofessional bias, in those texts but found no evidence he acted. Upon it today his attorney said an, FBI internal review recommended a sixty day suspension and a demotion instead struck with fire ABC's Pierre. Thomas Lille experts say since struck was, fired off. The Muller pro more. Than a year ago his firing by. The FBI will have little impact on that investigation investigators in Payson Utah say that after he made bail, on his domestic violence arrest Wayne y'all grabbed a Cessna five twenty five jet took off, and then crashed it into his own home Dowd. Was killed his wife and a child inside. Were able to escape the inferno security questions remain after horizon air ground worker Richard Russell's stolen empty airliner from Seattle Tacoma airport Friday before. Crashing it on a remote island in Puget. Sound's Russell passed, background checks for his job but told our traffic controllers he'd snapped broken guys his family.

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