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I I love these Percy Percy of the pussies easy solve all the in Spanish if I must translate for Nike I need to get through the show before this light stars creeping over to my starts brees. Yeah Hi are doing man. Thank you for subscription right there. We'll talk about subscription and a little bit but people welcome. I'm to the show some core Christopher Herman have a screening tonight and I did not know that screen is going to be tonight. They did some kind of crazy and ain't even follow through on it so the communist the screen and they wanted you to want you to submit like all your stats for social media all right in other platforms and it will judge you so they they so they can see if you're worthy die are worthy of going to see this movie so I submitted ours and I. I don't know how these things are. You know Auburndale myself. In a high regard we sent them the information for stuff and they say okay. Go ahead and come to the movie and I bet this is not me being humble. Ah are humble bragging anything but I want to see this movie to be honest with. I'd rather go to regular screen. Instead of pushing. This critic screened every. Yeah but at the same time I don't want to Cassim ungrateful of course and his bullshit what they did. Because there's people out there that I know don't have really high numbers on social media like come on at the end of the day they it is. Did that grandstanding per so reports on the film than it deserves. Yeah exactly it's just a studio renison game just trying to. They're trying to make this a social media. I can tell you it's not gonNA work. I could tell you right now. Nobody's going to be talking about this movie from what you've told me what's going to happen. Not Going to say what movie it is. But you know and and you'll find a not trying to talk trash but But I didn't find until like yesterday evening we were but email is probably sitting afternoon. I saw in the evening saying yeah you got the screening so long story short which is too late. We're doing this show earlier yes here. We are And thank you all for being here. Thank you for noticing that we are here. Thanks now I can go and talk to the chat. Sleaze do the chats chats. How are you doing today? Only pull them up over here do I don't know why didn't pull them up over here. Amok compooter them and I'm going to pull them up so I can see you hold on. Hold on hold on Shit. Hold on bringing you up. Hold on Percy PUSSIES person that's not my name. I Percy deep plus list now man your pussy pussies person to the pussies man. I'm sorry that is not my name Shit but we love you know we love but that name is too good to pass up the a person the Ponzi. Whatever houses no no personally the pussies no I of the pussies change your name? Change it today to that and believe me you'll you'll you'll take for later and welcome chat. Welcome to the show both chats if they happen to be up today we got the OJ chapter visuals. They usually reserved for the nighttime. But for those who are here during the day we appreciate it and they're mostly in their new head somebody who wants to know Cardiac Disney plus. Why after the Laurie? I I'll admit I canceled my. I'm about to make thing I'm thinking about to cancel mine just point to have it. I can see these other films. Ah Desire to watch a lot Disney movies right now. So it's like yeah. Yeah I'm trying to find looked at either. The chip did like. Yeah you Percy the pussies.

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