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One fan? Do you know that I come up top and coup for them? I knew that you come up top for another patriots related term a museum built six number one, number one fan, number one fan. I can't even spell Bill without having Google corrected. Oh, yes, I know. Talking, Google Bill Belichick. You know, you will be on the show soon. I've been working on that for years. People say, you're a sick man how much money and time that cost you a lot. Let me tell you what worth every. It's worth it. I mean, I want Bill Belichick. He you know, you know, if you're Bill, Bill, check there are, there are psychos out there that run around running around to Gillette stadium waiting for Bill Belichick though to get there in the morning. And when he gets it like bell. You smell like it winter side. My hat people who want to be Bill, Belichick's friend. Right. Oh, absolutely. You know one night after he sits down after victory. He gets out a little beer and he goes built Dila checks. Number one. Your who is that sick freak? And then he's gonna see me and he's going to say there is clay Clark, that sick free. You'll have actually received a cease and desist letter from the patriots. Yeah. Have you? Yes. Really? My wife saw Email. Is that for him somewhere on? No, the thing was, it was a very emotional time in our lives where when your your favorite team is saying stop doing what you're doing. But I think I have Email founder and ask John tomorrow, Email founder, Okocha about about because I think we might have it got you. And if we do we should frame it. That's power. I think it'd be framing that all I'm saying is if you're out there today. Think about the keywords, ask yourself, what are the what are the words that you are? Competitors. What are the words that your, your potential ideal unlikely buyers are, are searching for? And what are the words that your competitors are optimizing for? So we're, we're going to pick on Dr bracket a positive way today, and I'm going to type in Tulsa, Cairo. Pressure. And when I search for that, I can see Dr Brett caz, bomb, right there. The cast bomb Iraq casbah I see him coming up topping the Google search engine results because I scroll down to the bottom, he sees worse done here, Dr brick, I do what you would want to do is copy all those words at the bottom, they're calling searches related to Tulsa chiropractor. Right. You're gonna want to copy those in pace those on a word document until your coach or your optimal at miser team or yourself whoever's writing the content right to work on those words to absolute. And then you click on the suggested related terms the bottom, and then it will pull more suggested related really really really related terms. And then you will do it again. And again and again until your head explodes, and you will dominate search engine results, and that's how you come up with the keywords, right? They're very good. That's how you do it now. All right. Give us the first public reading the text and yellow please as as relates to profit coach. Guana one and search engine domination on this rock, the casbah edition of the threat time show. Well, everyone uses the internet, yet few know how to market effectively using it. Wait a minute. Everybody uses the what everybody including babies use the internet continue, according to research published by Pew Research, in March of two thousand eighteen seventy seven percent of people now, go online on a daily basis to find the answers solutions products services and connections, they are looking for. What people don't use the internet. The Amish unless it's room Springer. I'm argue with you about the Amish real fast this war. I can argue this, I went to nappy Indiana, one time, did you want to Napoli, Indiana? I couldn't.

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