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Problem, crisis, counseling and referrals services can be accessed by calling 1 800 gambler 1 804 to 6 to 537. It's 33 degrees at 3 32. Good afternoon. I'm more lap guns. Things are getting heated during a Chicago City council meeting this afternoon, the latest on the Bears coming up in sports and in business, a beard bonus for those in retail. WGN traffic. Here's Mary Vandevelde and Traffic is sponsored by the UPS store The Edens in Good Shape the APB on Kennedy to O'Hare. 22 minutes 40 coming in from the airport, 32 from the Edens. Now the Eisenhower just building in both directions. Approaching Austin Stevenson. Outbound is slow into Pulaski 32 out to the Tri state, The Ryan and accident on the Slip ramp from the impound locals to the express. Also in the Bishop Ford. We still have this accident at the Ryan. Spilled load. The left lane is still being cleaned up from that mess. 57 is building inbound into hall Stead accident on the tri state south on a 3 94 on the shoulder and an accident. Addison at Lake and Wood, Dale. Need packing and shipping. Visit the UPS store. They're certified packing. Experts are ready to pack and ship your arts furniture. Elektronik Samora, The ups store everything for the holidays. All in one place. I'm are Vandevelde Nada Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Mary Lori Lightfoot, apologizing today after backlash regarding a botched police raid currently in the spotlight. Body came footage recently released shows 50 Year old and Jeanette Young was handcuffed naked and help for at least 30 minutes by.

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