Tom Friedman, Lindsey Graham, Nicole Wallace discussed on Michael Savage


Too. Now gone from not letting conservative speak to forcing conservatives to say what they want us to say. Nicole Wallace on MSNBC laid out the plan. It would be my policy that a Republican must Assert the truth before they're allowed to share any other views. And Lindsey Graham, I understand appeared somewhere today and refused to really go far enough in beating down the lie. I want to read you something, Tom Friedman wrote. Though about social media companies, he writes, this Mark Zucker Burg and Cheryl Sandberg have to surprise us by once and for all stopping the elevation. For profit of news that divides and enrages over more authoritative, evenhanded news sources. Why, that does not seem out of reach. If we can protect against counterfeit dollar bills, we should be able to protect against fake news that we now know has the potential to kill people as it did two weeks ago. Fake news has the potential to kill people. Conservative, right wing fake news. Never mind the fake news concerning I don't know, for instance, the alleged slaughter of innocent black men by racist cops. You remember that fake news? It's a complete lie. It's not backed up by any sort of reality, and that sort of fake news would have appeared to lead to the BLM riots that we saw summer killed. A lot of people let more people than were killed at the Capitol Hill riot. Is that fake news going to go away? No, I don't think so. I think what what is happening here.

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