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Dave random most recently at lsu but also success in the mid west at wisconsin recently do you think either of them make it that long so around for years before landing a bigger gig tyler i think a random probably has his sights set on no disrespect again to michigan god tie twice in a row now i'm doing this dan but i think that iran could probably get what i would consider a top ten job if my only two options are alex grinch or dave random inclined golics grinch i would go alex grinches well though there are complicating factors to both of these names the alex grinch complicating factor is a lot of people think given his levi's associate head coach has a big title at ohio state as he slides into that tenth spot tenth assistant spot now that perhaps he is next in line when greg szanto probably moves on somewhere after his time at ohio state and outlooks grinch makes for a natural successor there the dave aranda thing and this is one of my favorite words tie the scuttle scuttle scuttle but is that his is at least within the last year his his is longterm are probably pointed in the direction of the nfl i could see that too yeah he doesn't necessarily want to be long for college football he doesn't necessarily have the this is a cording to people who would definitely no better than you and i that his temperament is best suited to be just that magician defensive coordinator in the nfl and that he wants to be like dick lebeau kind of let me ask you a question then yeah hypothetically speaking i don't have that sound queued up but i'm gonna reframe collins question yeah is an nfl defensive coordinator ship yes better than a top ten job in college football depends what you're looking for if you are looking for a football intensive lifestyle where you worry about xs knows where you perhaps plan with the head coach in plan with some sort of team press isn't about personnel to run your defense and coaching more than teaching 'cause you remember bringing in high school kids certainly with a ton of raw talent but there's a lot of teaching of technique there's a lot of teaching of how you go game to game play to play you keep temperament and just sort of molding you into an nfl player right whereas in the nfl yes you you really have to worry about installing systems making sure people know their assignments but not necessarily teaching them footwork in the way that you would have to teach a nineteen year old and guess what we're obviously singing to a very biased choir here and asking that question however if aranda falls into that category of liking the scheme may be more than the apparatus around college football and everything that goes along with it i think you're right in that there's probably a spot for him somewhere in the nfl before long so i'm gonna go with alex grinch there as my more likely answer if we're talking about dantonio out within the next four years you also bring up some good points as to why he might leave you sixty two years old they're clearly complicating factors around that michigan state program that might facilitate an exit within that timeframe so we shall wait and see i'm sort of fascinated we'll get to the next question a matter of seconds i'm fascinated by the situational happiness of coordinators either college pros whatever where a lot of people not in football can just be very happy with their lot in life they're happy with the money they make their happy with co salot in life there lots in oh life okay there situational happiness and a lot of people ask that question about brent venables waiting for kansas state and we have a kansas state question but or is he just super pumped to be making a ton of money coaching the best assembly of defensive lineman in college football i i'm fascinated to talk to people about that about how real that has become by the way scott lawton current flyer used to live above me really partment complex chew story good good to moving jonathan wants to know does florida state get revenge against colon boston college clemson louisville miami north carolina saul of them i mean b c is the most likely sure i think it's fair to bus in.

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