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Exact opposite right i think you're going to want somebody with a lot of experience who really knows what they're talking about uh at is is somebody who could maybe collect the ship i guess if democrats are looking for in their uh and their candidate and they're gonna look for somebody who's a steadyhand and that's why like a joe biden uh would probably be the top guy uh right now if i had to guess uh you know i think uh even like jerry brown who has no interest in running at all uh i think jerry brown has done a pretty good job in california and i think it's it's a show shane that people are augist and they're not uh even thinking about it uh i just checked the fox news website huge headline chris hans hours on john hickenlooper i can't believe they came up quickly kicking lupus guy i didn't take a loser's gonna want the vice president in uh in in 2020 whoever they candidate i think hickenlooper you know i started making the rounds yesterday on sunday programs and my wife always poultry goes isn't that your guy okay yeah if like i bought this bill crystal goes on a tweet storm i know if you saw this bill crystal is all and for oprah 2020 this is william kristol famed what does he what was it what's i was going to say that it what's his magazine the weekly standard right let me just pushing his way through crystal makes it prediction about politics take it to the bank cut the exact opposite what do i don't know opposite of ipr is hugh thomas julue oh man looks like you i have you ever seen i don't understand how he still gets more time than me i mean i've only been wrong once and it was in 2016 granted but everybody else was too so you know i i don't understand how he still gets to make predictions well i understand because the the mainstream media loves bill crystal because he's anti trump so they print every deke says that the guy's a every i can't i've i haven't seen a copy the weekly standard in a long time but i see bill crystalline in every other n publication there is but here's what he says he's got he's better than elizabeth warren he is more charismatic than john hickenlooper.

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