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Law enforcement community and others can get these fires under control but right now nothing so i anything that was going on in like the angeles national forest were waiting to see whether those permits will be allowed to go forward starting monday starting monday right now everything is suspended and of course there's also you know the in griffith park a lincoln park the ernst stabs park uh obviously the screwball fire area pacific palisades places like that you know these fires is of course many people are discovering they moved so rapidly so you just can't risk having people out there as cbs's swat m and they build westworld discovered and rightly acted very quickly to shut down production and get their people out of their when it was necessary can you give me a sense of what it means to miss a day of filming for a show like swat or westworld what does that mean financially and and for the production what i mean different brings rigor different you know look recur atrial work world it was show that has on premium payable their schedules and the way they do things blueberry i wouldn't say it's lower or more largely because of all all worked is intense but they're not quite up against up against the programming gun so to speak to whitewater which is on every week on cbs and he knows as anyone who knows a little bit about the film industry specifically episodic television you know these guys are usually running pretty close to the schedules you know once you get that pilot made once you get picked up for a series you gotta run really fast to get up there every week and you're making an hour forty or the television every week so the financial hats were we're looking at pen hundreds.

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