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Little research on all of this because i haven't a clue where swan quarter or cedar island are um i swan corner is our county feet and it it in a it's been a very very rural area leader iowan would be closer to thump place you know maybe warren city or beaufort north carolina okay oh and then of course hatter yeah okay batters lotta people know about the whole white house thinking all uh in about okay i'm are there marinas there for people who want to come in from someplace with their own boat yeah there there is one fullservice marina and and we do have a home for national park service doc that uh you know you can buy up to well and then we have docket for both under thirty five feet that are saying with us and on several other with bill as well so isn't it conducive devoting all right so now when when you get off the ferry what does came on the fair access you'd have to come with the car because would you have gotten to these other places to get the ferry in the first place but elder of can theory literally me the way your car but once you get here you can russ granik off carter a quaker all pretty much everything except for the oceans they said to you can around town on your gulf court that's what i drive i love it i love it there's an island.

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