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Think replay would be on the table and discusses. At length is as we have this year. That's New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton after the NFL owners voted to expand replay. And allow pass interference calls to be reviewed at comes. After that blown call in last year's NFC title game. We all remember the bay of cost the saints a spot in the Super Bowl, orange blue seven sixties Brandis, crystal Brandon krisztal is there at the owners meeting and he joins us live right now. Good morning. Brandon morning guys, you know, because the owners meetings wrapped up early I snuck on the super late flight landed after midnight got about three hours sleeping on talking to you. With us. He's got a baby at home. Yeah. Don't worry. It's not nothing's changed. But it was interesting. The way all of it went down. And it's funny because obviously, you guys talked plenty of politics in in the morning when something here locally or federally is is certainly worth discussing and we had a mini version of that. In the recent days down in in Arizona with Sean Payton spearheading this campaign to get the owners on board and all the coaches with the idea of expanding replay. So that they could quote, get it. Right. And he was legitimately whipping up votes so much. So that Monday night when the NFL was having the big receptions that every year this they called an emergency meeting of the competition committee to continue to drum up support. And then the coaches voted in favor of the expanded replay thirty two nothing that anyone that follows really any sport. But certainly the NFL knows getting thirty two coaches. Agree on anything. Is pretty remarkable in and of itself, and those coaches were convincing enough that they were able to tell their owners this is how we have to vote to make the game better. So now, they're on a one year trout bass is going to expand the scope of replay to include these pass interference calls not just ones made on the field, but coaches in the first twenty eight minutes of each half can challenge play where they say no there was pass interference. There. You guys missed it. You need to throw a flag. And then the final two minutes the referee back in New York river on we'll have a chance to communicate with the rep on the field and say, oh, you guys missed one. You have to throw that flag Brennan, we just got a couple more minutes with you. But this was the new Broncos head coach Vic Fangio's first owners meeting did d make a name for himself there. Did he stick out? Did he say much, thankfully stuck out April all these young whippersnappers if you will are in the mold of Sean McVay, and there's a coach in his thirty to Miami. And. One in the thirties in in Green Bay. And obviously guys like Adam gave just turning forty one and and Kyle Shanahan still in his thirties and the bears head coach thirties sixties these wanted to be here. And and finally has a chance to have that seat at the table. I think he's understated by nature. So let let the results on the field speak for speak for himself. I think at this point. So he's gotta flew under the radar, and I think that's the way he likes it. Yeah. Brandon sounds like the owners did not like the Broncos proposal on the onside kick replacement. And no I heard the vote was seventeen fifteen. It was basically split down the middle. Even though the competition committee voted seven to one in favor of it. And as was pointed out by rich McKay. The chairman of the competition committee, Mike is that it took five years to get the change to the extra point kick drive to move it back to the twenty five yard line. And so I think that they want to keep talking about it. It's a little maybe two out there for some of these owners. But if they keep discussing it maybe in the coming years, it'll it'll get the support it needs. And eventually they'll make that change orange blue seven sixties, Brandon krisztal with all the lack of sleep. You did a great job. Thank you guys will get you a little later KOA NewsRadio six forty six now by Scott, more sports. Yeah. Now gets over the pistons at ninety five ninety two nearly gave it away had a twenty seven point halftime lead. But hung on nuggets at Houston tomorrow night, then off to okay, see on Friday. College hoops, see buffs in Austin, Texas battle the longhorns in the NATO elite eight tonight. Our coverage starts at six thirty lacrosse falls in close one at Princeton, fourteen thirteen sports at fifteen and forty five on KOA NewsRadio. The home of the Broncos buffs and Rockies bluecross. Blueshield believes everyone should have access to healthcare. No matter who you are or where you live. That's why in every state are companies are working to improve health and expand access to care from training..

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