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See them wind what do you think they're gonna to live yeah i don't know i know i think it's funny because i heard somebody mentioned the matchup hap against the astros let's say not in a great match ups about happiness the red sox is a really good match up and if you're going to have three series against them in the second half and be billy the pitch them there that you know that the difference there is such a difference obviously this year between wayne division and winning the wildcats unbelievable and listen they could go to a tiebreaker i joked about wanting to see sonny greg david price on the game once that's what it would be probably would be that too you're probably right i wonder how they play it because you want to put some level of into playing that game but you also have to hold somebody back in case you lose that game so i'm we're obviously a long way away from getting there but you know i would some sometimes we like to recruit chaos we i think i'm big on chaos listen wouldn't chaos be houston seattle tied red sox and yankees yes and they have to play to game one sixty three's to see who wins the division allowed guard and the loser that game then goes into their own sudden death you know play a wildcard game so that and they're all ninety five plus when teams that to me is you know kind of the the chaotic formula that we might be looking at in well let me ask you do you see any separation between the yankees and red sox i mean do you see like when we get to that lad he's the last series they plays in fenway at the end of september my right about that who do you see that series to basically determining who's winning the division i would think it'd have to go down that way i mean there's what's separating them now i mean the yankees won the seasons lead the season five four right the team going on any kind of tailspin at the other one kind of takes control you you can't foresee that i mean if something happens you know before the series last week i was talking about your in philadelphia and say two to one up and you say okay well they're both really good we know that right but like look at who is the best player on the field k him up this i think you say maybe mookie betts best player maybe the hottest hitter was jd martinez right so yankees won two out of three so those kinds of things don't seem to matter judges too far away from being a best not too far you're right but i look at i look at them as so evenly matched it's hard not to think it's going to come down to the end you know the yankees won on the starter red sox reliever he'll there's and and if you look at you know close games are type games look at the bullpen yankees you use advantage for the yankees no doubt about know how to separate these two teams because they are both so good and we'll win a ton of games i mean how do you how do you say one's gonna be in front of the other before you get to that that last weekend talking to sweeney of course about the yankees as they get ready to play game to it sues with the braves i'll tell you right now i'm watching the game last night and it just look i know this ready i've seen him beat up the mets all year i mean the brain it's unbelievable how good the braids have gotten so fast you're listen you're and you're right you're perfect 'cause you probably watched them a lot i had oh man yeah beat the mets all year kid i have i watched last night and i was just amazed at all the.

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