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Pure growth, of the game and what that move to LA from. Edmonton met for the NHL and for fans of that southern part of the country I think he's a tough. One to beat I think Wayne Gretzky is, a tough one One might be one of the best players ever to play his sport that's how great the, great one was. To these holds records. And staff, trade hockey in Los Angeles, I remember, that yeah yeah he the caller mentioned in. Terms of the expansion of the National. Hockey League where it is down south in. Florida and and the like, the traits LA. And what it did for? For Los Angeles hockey Bruce McNall at, that, point, in time was, the, owner of the, Los Angeles, Kings that deal with the Edmonton Oilers and they give out what had been, to the hat at one point in time and Messier. And and Wayne Gretzky Yari curry Paul coffee and go up in Gretzky was the greatest of the great unbelieving goes to Los Angeles and basically transforms the National Hockey League, that quality Jason from Baltimore great point by. Him I mean and the Wayne Gretzky dude He holds like six. Or seven all star wreck it's, like that's to me records or oppressive obviously when you saw goalscoring right right you. Start getting an assist you had something like twelve tie before the guys for for most all star. Game assist that. In, itself. When you play the most the best of someone else better defenceman ball and you'll do that to you all the man he is I think that's that's a great call by really as I but it's. Interesting you can look at tiger and tiger is kind of a combination of Gretzky and Michael on the field and Michael off of it the one thing you would not Gretzky is that he didn't really do anything for apparel or in terms. Of what what tiger has done in with Nike golf what's interesting about tiger TASR is he's made everyone more money he really has I mean the, everyone's make everyone. You LeBron's Cleveland like. As far, as the economy the economy Look at the yesterday Francisco Molinari got a shot of a got a share of ten point five million dollars there's a there's a lot of. Money to be made in being a professional and you don't. Even have to. Win tournaments, you could be a millionaire you don't. Have to win you don't have, to win You don't have? To win ten, top.

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