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Traffic. All right, Lauren Rickets joins us this morning. Lauren. When are we going to see some sun again? And maybe later on this afternoon, Jim, But these clowns are slow to clear across the area. So don't expect any sunshine soon. I'm seeing maybe a peak on the higher ridge tops in the blue words bounce, So if you're along skyline drive, you may see a peak of sunshine. But other than that, We will get some more through the afternoon and into the evening before that Sun goes down after eight p.m. tonight. Now we could even have a shower too, especially west of D. C along the I 81 chord or so we'll keep a chance for areas west of D. C for a shower, too, and then temperatures rising into the mid to upper seventies. Some areas that have some prolong sunshine right around 80 degrees, but really just depends on how much sunshine we can get and how quick we can get it in here, as we head into the overnight were mild with building humidity temperatures in the six Season, even low seventies in some spots. Now, tomorrow's gonna be hot Temperatures are gonna be in the low to mid nineties. That heat index mid to possibly upper nineties will have some sunshine and again. We will be on the human side throughout the day since showers and thunderstorms likely after about three p.m.. Some of those could be strong to severe dry now on Thursday Thursday. Great beautiful Warm mid upper eighties but falling humidity on Thursday with lots of sunshine. We return to clouds and chances of showers throughout the day on Friday. We're back in the seventies on Friday and then sixties mid sixties on Saturday, not the best pool day. We'll have some showers around on Saturday as well, especially in the morning, but Sunday Monday look dry with temperatures in the seventies were up to 62 here in Washington. Upper Marlboro at 60 degrees Gaithersburg, 59. Leesburg Cool 54. Right now, Lauren, we have 60 degrees in friendship Heights. Brought to you by Lin. The plumber trusted same day service seven days a week. It's 9 22 here and new into the newsroom this morning. Former Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler is officially running for governor again, becoming the fifth Democrat to seek the party's nomination cancers, highlighting his two decades in public service, He says his experience makes him uniquely qualified to lead the state. Prior to becoming attorney general. He was Montgomery County's top prosecutor. Answers. 2014 bid for governor fell short in the Democratic primary. Now the other Democrats in the race this time around include state comptroller Peter Franchot, former Prince George's County executive Rushern Baker, former U S Education Secretary John.

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