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The comeback, right? He's a pleasure is all you're right. All right. Let's start with you big news today for those just joining us Victor Hedman, ruby Victor. I know Victor Hedman will be in the lineup tonight. The team what five and two with him being gone. It's obviously a welcome addition. But how about the lightning the way they overcome his injury and play some pretty good hockey? Just a testament to the depth. They have you know, again, we we wondered coming into the season. If they did lose a defenseman for awhile. How would they handle it who would take those minutes who would take the role you cannot replace a Victor Hedman if he goes out, but you can somebody has to replace those minutes played grime mcdonagh has stepped up his game to a much different level than we've seen here. I think he played at that level in New York and Jake and attest to that. But I think that you know, he he's an all star level right now. I think Anton traumatised played very very welding Slater Kuku stepped in. And did a really good job, you know, playing fifteen minutes night. But I think he came in and and showed the coaching staff and everybody else that, hey, if you need me, I'm here, I'm making a state down ready to play. You know, it's it's it's a very very good sign that they can go out and defend as well as they did have the defense play as well as they did jump on the plane everything else that they expect out of the defense with Victor Hedman absent Ryan mcdonagh. What is it twelve points through sixteen games? I mean think when he was acquired a lot of people hopes, that's the way he would play the way he's playing right now it's coming to fruition. And it's a pretty deadly one to think about Hetman and McDonough you could throw out there, basically, ever other shift..

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