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Needed to go on in your world here. I think it you know with me I'll be honest about you know, how it all transpired. I had a pretty popular name. My dad was very successful and and you're either going to get in there and you're going to be successful too or they're going to they're going to say that you didn't have what your dad did and so there was an added pressure to perform with my dad's name at that level of success. Thought I was never going to put a chain that kind of success. But so so that was a lot of work. Just trying to make sure not but I lived up to the name but because I did the job Kind of warmth the respect that mining deserved. So if you really interesting as a young young young guy, you know, chili eventually you met characters like John Harps affectionately known as Harpo who used to be the top aide to fir mere James Rutherford you and and and John are very close friends even right? They'd found out he managed to get you to leave home. Well, you know John and I work and we worked at channel 25 together know we worked long as you sex then I he took a job in Lansing went work for him a Channel 53 for Joel Ferguson who was you know, Mister Spartan magic buddy, and then awesome Trustees of Michigan State University. Absolutely. Absolutely and then I got out of business and worked for WJR a little bit and you know Golf Guide up in northern, New Jersey. And and then drop back in and then harp says hey, you know come down here. You're going to love Memphis and and you know, like I have a lot of a lot of friends in business a lot of friends, you know car dealers guys, like build a trial and the trial advertising agency right came up with those wonderful commercials in the old days is one of the eligibility Peterson lovely left here is that yeah. Let's do that one again Petersburg in lovely little gear doing a lot more to it than that cuz built a little more creative than me, but nobody did Wild Bill he did a commercial for a while bills when he had to join Office on Miller Road, but the one that I liked was Leon John's carpet that one off. He starts to know he starts it out date Barbara had the best rendition of this guy I've ever heard in my life one of the great characters in in at least in Havertown icing a lower in Genesee County. So the Starks me says ladies. I got the noises. He starts out by saying ladies take a look between your legs. I got the grass. Oh my God. That's right. And Captain cracy says you can play em says that you don't know how in the hell they let him run that commercial but it got attention and he sold one hell of a lot of what we called and talked hostile Turf. He's sold out with a mile. Not the yard unhappy Global same thing with guys like less, right? And you know, it's just just so many characters comic sued, you know, just so many characters in that in that market. I mean just amazing individuals one of the reasons. I got this job with channel five years in Memphis was my connection with Nick stood in his buying group. They needed somebody to work that account and I had experience doing it and and walked into a room off. Okay. Situation there and explain to the list explain the list or what you're talking about. This makes soon basically is in the hot tub spa and and then expanded it out to I don't doubt it recreational Furniture Leisure Leisure furniture. And so what he did is he went into a group of other people of like mind and then they'd be purchases of of the projects in right in a input split up two or three different groups of women in one of the groups was Watson's and Watson TV is was down here in Georgia. Jean was a friend of exclude part of the buying group and and and they're they're logo which are their slogan down here was it's not easy to fool. That's Watson and may I just say that cuz it's kind of what got got me, but then what happened is they would go in together on advertising and then and then they do it. I'm surprised when exclude never got one of those hot tub I mean for advertising and write pretty short for the Fair Park. Yeah, that's right. That's right. Well right now I'm a hot tub would be real nice of my death. But the last time I got knocked off of course Tom bought my hot tubs from Tom over the years, but the last one turned into an ice cube, which Tom, Dick. Yeah. It came up here was late at night. I'd been in court all day. I said the first thing I want to do is go in that hot tub and rest. Yeah, I got in there and I found I got outside. I was ready to go in the hot tub and I touched my finger in it and it was solid ice. Wow, unbelievable. I know that's really tough when you're running around ready to hop in it and it's freezing. We got about about 4 or 5 minutes here to go home. So, is there something you'd like to talk about besides you missed the Coney Islands? What do you miss about? What do you think was the the it's a real name is Nick community. Like I said, it's a bunch of bunch of hard workers a bunch of hard players. It just everybody knows any everybody as you know, and your your your position there and I missed the people I get up for three times a year. I'm staying with my buddy, Jeff Powell and include orange and black try to try to see everybody I can I miss people I miss the let's see here miss the kobolds Coney Island off is the big boy, but no, I just people most and and but I don't miss I.

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