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Three games at oracle park next week. Kevin gosper tony tonight. Alex would be determined on tuesday. Logan web julio yeary on wednesday anthony these funny and walker bueller on thursday. So as i mentioned big dodger steam today and i've talked about this a lot that it feels like the giants have been disrespected in the betting markets. All year long a lot of their favourite prices. I feel it should have been bigger a lotta times when they're an underdog the line should be smaller or maybe they shouldn't be an underdog at all. There's a disconnect between what they've actually done and how they're being priced in the betting markets. Today we get respect for the giants and for gausman specifically and the line shoots up. So i think this is really worth following as this series goes along as this next week series comes about and everything like that. I think there's this perception out there that the dodgers are just kryptonite for the giants. The dodgers have won six of the nine meetings so far they've only outscored the giants by five runs over those nine games and pretty much two of them. They had an eleven to six win. And i think something else but five nine games have been one run games. So i think there's this perception out there the giants can't beat the dodgers and i don't think that that's true now. It's not going to have all kinds of giants action in this series. But i will be curious to see how these games are priced. And how these lines move you know. I'm not sure who's going to start for the dodgers on tuesday. But i expect. Julio your is to take money on wednesday and i know walker bueller will take money on thursday also a perception out there. That anthony these funny because he had one bad start against the dodgers. Can't pitch against the dodgers so i expect walker bueller money to come in on thursday but i think it's going to be really interesting to see what happens in this series. Here dodgers trailed by a game. They're tied in the win column. They have two games in hand on the giants so curious to see what happens here with this series and let's see what happens with the futures price for the nationally west of between these two teams as well rangers in the tigers. Here kyle gibson. Casey mine is in a good pitching matchup tonight. Dane donning tarik scuba tomorrow. Jordan lyles and jimmy determined on wednesday and then to be determined for the rangers and tyler alexander on thursday. Some blanks here in terms of the starting pitchers. But i will say this when you look around major league baseball and as i talked about already i think we'll be very top heavy second half of the year i think based on what we've seen with the adjustment to foreign substances and all of that the good teams will be really good and the bad teams will be really bad. The rangers are a really bad team. The tigers are not the tires are now forty three and fifty one and remember this team. That was nine and twenty four to start the season. So there's seven teams over five hundred. Basically since mid to late may they. You're playing very well. And i think they have a clear cut goal in mind now of getting to five hundred by the end of the year. It's going to be easier said than done. But i think this tigers team is highly highly motivated the rest of the way i think. Aj hinch is a brilliant manager. I love that higher that they made. They've got some young guys..

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