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Us on his radio ten forty w h oh meyer combination with the transgender community of their is such a thing in iowa is i want to start with the premise that it's a handicap and as a handicap it should be given accommodations by the rest of us and the nation that would cost the rest of us zero concedes no principal that's worth fighting of one fighting over if so tortured high school kid it preaches had a listeners who they still haven't figured out there gender or they're still in transition they think that by any stretch of the imagination at least mine constitutes a handicapped i can't think ever social handicap there's be more paul brown then miss every handing your own gender i would make it very difficult you to form healthy relationships with anybody i think i'm with his stick with and big up and i'm going to recommend school districts accommodate people work infuse like this that church's accommodate people were confuse like this and the school districts had been school districts can do the same thing and are stand there part of the identity politics means that what i just said is offensive implying that it's a medal this order to miss fabric and you're gender it's you know this just the way it is just away i am and therefore you have to upset me in my images myself or you're a pressing me they're trying to use the the language insight allergy a big big a lot be in order to accomplish they're politics evident of the politics could might work.

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