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The okay. Odi because we're working on a project with William Burroughs is William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg and Carl Solomon and Dennis Hopper. Then Sam Sheppard came in and it was just another night. Terry southern he was writing a script for William? VERSION OF A. Of a junkie a really an play Mary but the it all fell apart. But for a while just hanging out with them was pretty great. I, can't imagine I I just. Like when I read this book, you know wh the the new one that's coming out in paperback. Now you're on the monkey, it seems like You're straddling some of this stuff that burrows did you know moving between reality not reality dream not dream you having guides you know and and because like when when all this shit started to go down for some reason, I went back to burroughs to try to decode some stuff because I in my life I always feel like it's all in there somewhere that you all the answers are within burrows somewhere. You just have to figure out how to find them and sort it out. From some of the other science fiction and weirdness he believed it was all out was all out there and he believed also if you were lucky enough to have suffered scarlet fever, which votes tonight had your you had an open channel for all of these things to come from this great pool. So he what you were getting from William, he was a good portal because William got all of those things from everywhere else he believed in that. So he was the right guide for you. So. So the scarlet fever created the the the the the ability, well He. Didn't create the the ability, but it opened the portal wider in the wild boys Johnny in the wild boys of had scarlet fever. We have club Man William called the scarlet fever club and. You really believed that if you had suffered a really deep fever at a very young age, it opens your portable forever. That's interesting. Yeah. I. Went I for some reason I started to plow into. The Western lands. You know which it seemed to me that I and I think that maybe you're dealing with a bit of a to that like he had to somehow. Reckon with mortality in a very sort of practical way for himself and it seemed like you know his interpretation of the book of the dead was how he was going to go about it. Is that true? I suppose I don't I've never analyzed I. Never, thought about it. I mean to me I mean that's the kind of thing enough to talk i. just read his stuff me to like I wanted to answer somehow and like I keep going back because structurally he's a little tricky for me. But like you know when I started to see that he was dealing with all these different levels that that once the guy person dies goes through and he created characters with names for each of those levels that were very borough characters I was able to figure out. Oh, this is the journeyman you know so. You think leaper than I do I mean to me Williams sometimes reading William. Or reading certain writers is like listening to Coltrane or something. Or a saxophone solo right I never analyze it i. just I'm just there and I just go with them and I go away as far as they're gonNA, take me and by. Comeback and don't even remember where we been because. I'm so immersed in the go and. I. Think that's right. I think that's the best way to do it. I always assume like I missing something there and Now. He's got so many blanks there he wants to to fill in I. Mean you have to be the third mind with with William Right because I I remember one williams great disappointment himself was that he couldn't write a straight laced detective story. Or straight laced novel he and we talked about this all of these books if you if you think about it, they start. Very conventional. Eight. Yes. You're going on your you're gone with this old guy sitting there with his. Shotgun barrel or something you're going to go straight through some plot with him and then starts cutting things up in going into several layers of worlds and he told me, he just couldn't help it. That's that's the way his mind works in that it's his process. He would have loved to have written even a two bit detective novel that's for sure. I've read his essays. It's interesting when he writes with that type of clarity or you read the interviews but like yeah and I get it there's a magic to it. He you guys I mean you're a magician as well. There is a magic to this idea of of transcending space and time through cut ups and through I mean I get it and I like it. So you were able to spend time with burroughs early on your before you started singing or as a poet I met him in. Nineteen. Seventy I think I met him I had a big crush on him. So I was always A. United pet. He would come into the Chelsea hotel and he was so handsome and he was always so well dressed and I just had the biggest crush on him and I would try to. Know, I would talk to him and I think he was amused by me. But also he got to trust me he I. Don't know we became friends but also sometimes in the course of night, William would get extremely shoveled because the come into the Chelsea. And you had to come through the lobby and then go through the door into the bar. WOULD START OUT WITH HIS Perfect, tie in ensued to an overcoat, and then when he left, he was a bit stumbling. He'd get a bit intoxicated and I would wait and then I would get him a cab and make sure that you know he didn't leave anything behind in. Just you know be as like little. Guardian Angel Girl. Three. We just got to be friends and friends throughout. His whole life. And right to the end of his life and he was a very kind and very principled man. I know people know. Different Aspects of William? And he was many things and but to me, he was very good to May. He. Was a good teacher when my husband died he was So supportive he was kind to my children. You know I'd Love I. Loved Him why feel a lot I mean? That's one thing that comes through the writing and your life is at like the. The sort of using deep and Lasting friendships. Is Really I. It's like enviable I I mean you know when the way you talk about William and the way talk about Sam Sheppard in the book just these. This real appreciation of of friends and people you love and and and other artists that you respect. It's just it really struck me because I I don't. I don't I think things have become kind of chaotic odd and I guess people still do it. But when I look at my life I have a few friends but there's such because you the generation and the people that you guys the crew of you are so. Daunting in in in in your output in in who you were in the world I just loved that you you're not only friends but you stay together until the end I mean it's really kind of amazing and it really is what life is about at least half of it. Right? Well, you find a few people that you. Really, trust. To feel you know understand you. I was just lucky. The people that that I? was close to his young girl run remained closed till you know they're passing We all of us had worked centric relationships as well.

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