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Bradley dredge june talking wbzn hd wbz and it's thirty seven degrees as 200 awaits boy scout suspended for bringing back to school open lines or that's one of the things this is where worry where you over the top suspended for eight days a is a thirteen year old he has a is a boy scout and he brought his boyscout night school was in his backpack he didn't even take it out of the backpack are out of line milton milton school district you're out of line he wasn't even at it's a two inch played well my got a maybe shouldn't have done it okay but was clearly mistake as a tiny knife he's a boy scout certified two views this thing oh god in all these these days there's a i still say 1979 was the best year pick a year what was the best year i'm goma seventy nine as really wrote a songs weekend gimme seventy nine that's the song and uh here's an example we have steven dorchester hello steve wanting bradley good morning steve um i i got the tail end of you name not some basis i just wanted to throw uh a couple in their if i could jack course uh what about lemme of course gelling reasonable is say i'm yet um and then well back in the day he died before prime i believe but uh clip burton from metallica who tracked the pathway in a uh but the accident back in the day no but that oh yeah he was the original basically metallica but his stuff with all classical and die he he did everything would have thing does no beck at the some of their old south absolutely made them visit the so many different kinds of based players and you know i go online to try to get a lesson tennis lesson people telling me steps to do like practices scale and then i go to the game start i say i don't need to learn that just oh you do this at only you only no stinking scales man and that's what you need a scale if you're going to be tony levin but i'm not going to be tony lock right now i back a couple of years ago well work pocket probably over and yet when i used to be able to go on online you could print off the bait found thug different thon.

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