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From the north and people from the south it's hard to get albuquerque i said i think we ought to take these conferences to the south in the north this year so that we can tell the same story but just make it more accessible and we did that we had a conference in the south in las cruces in november of this year the board voted to do that and we went and raise money to hold the one in the north we got i think about ten foundations that contributed to that kept the price at ten dollars two hundred and twenty people it was really the nonprofit leadership of the north it was very exciting with field up the auditory among northern dr richard bailey was hosting everybody it was really a great day in northern new mexico and people came away with a lot of a wealth of information to use in their in their daily practice things and to you know to do things and they have conferences like you said is one thing to come up with action is another political action and that's the reason why i'm running let me tell you who i am i'm working class girl from a family of twelve we i grew up in california my family was from northern new mexico my dad was born and raised here and so i always said he was he was an internal lived in internal exile because we grew up in california and i would hear all these stories about new mexico my grandfather actually ran for governor one year and he was he was a a an interpreter at the new mexico state legislature and he spoke spanish english in thirties hopi and navajo and family legend is that he spoke yiddish to this was in the nineteen thirties so this was always our second state we i grew up in california went to school there went to college there went to cal poly pomona county i went and then in the in in the nixon years i said i was going to help elect one congressman nixon running for governor nixon running as president and winning as president my said i'm going to help elect one congressman they didn't even run women in those days and and.

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