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Hey bill o'reilly dot com premium members welcome to the no spin news for wednesday december 27th 2017 i'm not really here hi i'm off i had to get my staff offer that would have been an insurrection they would add my head on a stick so there off the rest of the week i'm taping this in advance so i'm going to do the same thing tomorrow and friday all the same clothes this is what you do in tv however we're glad you're here because we have a really good show we're going gonna give you the best interviews we did this year we got monica crowley greta van susteren rosenberg and mcgurk we had some fun with them and and we'll keep moving mccabe and movement all right all the way through you'll enjoy it um so that's what we're going to do and i hope you having a good week good beef tween christmas and new year's week um so let's get to it the entire top tier of the fbi overseeing this investigation into trump and collusion by the way not a single shred of evidence on that so far is shot through with anti trump by a so andrew mccabe his wife was running for office says democrat closely aligned with hillary clinton's campaign and hillary clinton donors you have weizmen telling sarah sally yates when she quit because she wouldn't enforced trump's travel ban he's texting hurt emailing herself people who writes job weissman again top level doj investigator so also hopelessly compromised you mentioned peter struck there's one of who i actually think is worse bruce or who had contacts with fusion she.

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