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Is that the only difference students will experience in our testing program will be shorter test with a new name future. Plans include making sure students can take the test online providing results faster and moving to computer adaptive design that poses questions tailored to each individual student. Finding affordable housing is a big issue in most of our nation's cities and many homeowners in the cities are perhaps asset rich but cash poor. Helen, learn of L A moss says the two groups can help each other. She's coming to Saint Louis next week to discuss the backyard home projects one stop shop in homeowners. Invest in affordable housing imagine building a small rental unit in your yard or above your garage. The renter benefits by finding an affordable place. You get extra income the way that we shuttered. Our program must you really removed back fish and the challenges of design and permitting and finding a general contractor anything. Compelling officially called accessory dwelling units or eighty us. Learn says this approach is being looked at in many cities around the country. So present the concept that a Tuesday luncheon presented by crew S T L, the commercial real estate women of Saint Louis coming up in the news at six thirty a Missouri. Senate committee decided not to advance a Bill that would have created a statewide prescription drug monitoring program. Camelot's news time is six. Hi. It's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hey, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. Do not forget to buy lentils. Or the lentil soup you're making for dinner will be sorely lacking. By the way, MRs Calloway says thanks for helping her bundle home and auto. She predates the extra savings, even though you kept using the word apropos 's incorrectly. But the main thing is do not forget to buy. Was it something I propose the lentil soup. Sorry, I'll call you back. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Discounts not available in all states or situations. Looking to stand out from the pack at your first job when you earn a master's in management from Georgetown. You'll gain the skills employers value most elevating your.

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