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I feel like if anytime they're going to add fish to Johnny rockets and they're gonna do their take filet of, I think that's the time to do it and just a loaded up fish sandwich, red colored vanilla milkshake. Oh my God, a gruesome bloody. Make like that. And. And when you put a little love funding, shark fin at the time, that'd be a treat more appetizing than loaded up fish sandwich. Terrible idea. Look, I don't work in the industry. I just comment on it. It's a reason for that. So we went on two separate missions, Esther, you and and your Dave king and usong-ho. We want last night as a group, Mitch, you today separately and. I received a recon that you were Intel that you are on time. So I know Joe Saunders actually already around. Techs ask, was he on. And you barely were so good for you. Like we mentioned, they've redone the interior to meet the fifties connection quite a bit. So getting into our food, we were seated. I yes, people I wanna go meet up with them on time for with you guy who I don't really wanna see. Whereas I'm always early 'cause I'm like, oh, we can get this thing done as quickly as possible. So David split decided to split burger haves and we went with the order the rocket double which is cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato sliced onion and special sauce. I guess it was make style to patties and you can get any of the burgers with.

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