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It keeps us free and then the words democracy dies darkness is on the screen. Yes dies darkness so long as it doesn't get suspended by an editor there for tweeting. True facts about a basketball here but you can buy the Washington Post or take this ad also from last year telling US veterans could google their military occupation mutation codes to help them with job search. No simple code can define who you are but now can help you. Search for whatever's next but the point is we now associate Google a product with an uplifting emotion even the trump ad that is to air during the Super Bowl does this Under president trump America is stronger safer and more prosperous than ever before that's associated with uplift the Bloomberg at dwells in sadness and doesn't really offer a solution Kalandria in camp will never hold her son again but it does associate the cause of fighting gun violence with Michael Bloomberg and yes clenching camp is a black woman from Texas. Texas has a lot of delegates. They vote Super Tuesday. And it's more or less it doesn't break. New Grounds is some amazing new political ad. But I do think it will stand out during the Super Bowl. It's true. The AD is no more insightful. And no more stirring and no more convincing convincing than a similar ad by any other candidate would be if that other candidate sat on a pile of fifty two billion dollars already spent two hundred seventy five million and ads and all the other candidates are going through the traditional route of meeting actual voters in the actual states. That actually vote early and I can could understand why it seems unfair to them to ignore the established path in favor of an aerial assault. But you see Bloomberg is buying vote with his factual message message that he has spent time effort and lots of money to become a very effective counterweight to the. NRA is unfair. That is a message that could and should connect with lots of voters even if they were only exposed to it because Bloomberg alone was able to put it in front of their eyes on the show. Today we've no impeachment. Update think you know what's going to happen anyway. The Pentagon announces its bringing an old weapon system. Back that it could be something of a landmine. Yeslam is but first Jon Favreau was a speech writer and adviser for Barack Obama who did not direct iron. Man Here's a CO founder of crooked media and one of the hosts of the pod save America podcast a good listen though not a perfect one which you will hear Fabbro has a new series. It season two of his series the Wilderness the wilderness. A very well done look at where the Democratic Party is for an audience. Who want the answer to be winning? Okay Charlie early. Shing quotes over here. Is Jon Favreau from Connecticut to California from Mississippi to Minnesota millions of American businesses are using Google all tools to grow online businesses like strider bikes in rapid city. South Dakota are using tools like Google market finder and Google ads to expand span. They're reaching connect with more customers. Globally and more customers globally means that strider bikes can hire more employees back home in the US. The grow row with Google initiative is committed to helping American businesses like strider. Bikes used the web to grow. That's why growth with Google provides free digital the skills workshops and one coaching small businesses in all fifty states helping them get online connect with new customers and work more productively learn learn more at Google dot com slash grow. That's Google dot com slash. Grow Pod Save. America is is a podcast that you know it is hosted by among others. The crooked media had Jon favreau former Obama speechwriter. What John's been doing the last couple election cycles is a show called the Wilderness now in twenty eighteen he took the show which looked at all constituencies within the Democratic Party? They put the show out there. And guess what the Democrats won big am I saying there was a cause and effect. Maybe maybe if they had edited that interview with with Tom Perez a little differently currently there wouldn't have been a big democratic win based on that premise. Don't change what's working. The wilderness is out with a new series. What they do this time as they go region by region and and talk about how the Democrats can win the White House? Jon Favreau is here. Thanks for coming on John. That is such a better pitch than what I've been. I've been pitching the fact that this is key to. Why didn't think of that? Thank you. Let's talk about that as a matter question. You guys are activists and at least some commentators. Let's say you know something along. The lines of journalism is their attention. There is their attention when you put together a show and you want to be as informative as possible but you also have this goal and this goal isn't necessarily simply informing the audience. It's winning in election. You know it hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be when we sort of got into the business we're orphan about the fact that we're activists and you know what our biases are like. When we started this week we sort of looked at each other? And we're like everyone's GonNa know us as Obama people forever you know. So what are beliefs are you know what side of the aisle over brands like. But we'RE NOT GONNA able to hide that and pretend that we've become these nonpartisan reporters who just gonNa tell it like it is now but what we can do is promise. You know that we're going to give commentary that's based in fact that we're going to give you the analysis as we know that that we're gonNA be especially after two thousand sixteen humble in our analysis the primaries have been tough because we have all wanted to be a I'm not travel yet or at least transparent right and what we think so neutral is not like we're not gonNA take your neutral about Tulsi Gabbard right. I'm not I'm not neutral about Chelsea. That's an exception because I think she has I don't think she's in this for the right reasons. And I think that's fairly transparent but when we talk about all the other candidates we try to be honest about What strengths and weaknesses? We see as people who have been on campaigns before yes and I want to get to the wilderness. But since we're here let's talk about this year I had one critique and I want to give you great compliments if there is one critique it would be that you guys will weigh in and say rhetorically. This was successful zestful. That brundige did rhetorically. That was misstep that warranted. You'll save tactically smarter. Spend your money here. A misstep to spend your money honey there where I see you're weighing in is on the policy positions that are actually alive within the Democratic Party. Zeal skewer bad republican policy positions but if it is on a Medicare for all and Medicare for all who wanted. I think you'll mostly talk about how to communicate the different points of view. But I don't know which of those two choices any of you guys. Firmly believe is the right choice politically. I think we've done that policy by policy at times times. The problem is I could tell you like if we were to start the healthcare system over from scratch. I have real forget all politics aside. I have have real concerns about what the transition to a single payer system. Looks like from what we have right now and I guess all politics aside all Democratic Primary Marie politics aside but politics in the sense of you need sort of buy in from the public to do something. Once you're governing forget about elections right and and having gone through the affordable care act Not only passing the affordable care act which is very hard but the implementation of the affordable care act. which as you remember ever hit a few bumps it's really hard to move the giant system of government at all even in a small little direction? Let let alone something as big as that so then let me ask you. There's another part of this debate. Which is the overton window that some people and I believe Bernie I believe what he says? Not Because of some rebound effect of what he says he believes because he believes it but there are a lot of people who will least argue. Well it doesn't matter you have to talk about the way Warren and talking about it to get a movement. But here's a here's overrated to some extent. Here's a good example of that gets into the Wilderness. So I do four. And I didn't even mean to focus groups for the wilderness and did four different groups of voters in Arizona just outside Phoenix. I talked to Romney Clinton voters.

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