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You see her every night on. Fox news shannon. Bream a face in a name that i don't have to introduce to you but she's written an interesting new book called the woman. The women of the bible speak the wisdom of sixteen women and their lessons for today which will be released in march. We'll talk about that in a moment. But first it's been a very busy time in the new shannon when you see a news story like what developed yesterday and you're preparing your show because you have the whole day of the perspective of lots of different people whether it be rusher sean or mark or brit hume. You have a lot of different inputs before you start deciding. How do i cover this story at that. Unique day part. What is your approach. What is your strategy as to. What can i add to this story. Most days i start really early as soon as well early by my definition. Because i go to bed at two am But once i get up. I have several sources i like to read into and get running and yesterday i had some things to do around the house and i thought once i get my initial no doubts my team after a couple of hours of reading impressive I'm going to just put this on. Watch it on c. span the whole electoral college thing. We'll be covering it tonight. And i'm gonna do some other things and i was watching it and my husband works from home now too and so i said to him at one point. It looks like some people are running off the house floor And then they were back in and they were leaving again and then of course we saw what Played out for the entire country the entire world to watch and it was one of those days yesterday where it was hard for me to do that. Compartmentalizing too personal and professional. Because i feel like most stories you gotta take your emotions out of it and you gotta just do what you do. When reporting the news yesterday was one of the few days. It was super challenging to do that..

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