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Law would suggest in this incident even though you don't agree with it because of the density in the neighborhood anyway what the heck is another building make the law would say that the homeowner or the investor whoever it is would be liable for the demolition charges make new laws the government gave a friend i listen i i get and i thank you for your call any what he says is very very makes a lot of sense you can't just but see here's the problem you can't replace one wrong with another one i agree with what he said okay this is a monster home it was bill de legally without permits so give it to the city let them know if it was built up from its knock it down i don't care word is geographic clear not you can't have that there are too many places that they say oh well that was done before it so now grandfathered i can tell you i remember fighting tooth and nail a body pagoda building in palolo years ago on a program that i used to do and it was they blatantly built outside of the envelope that they should have been the building is still there okay so it's like a just do it nobody's gonna do anything just go ahead and what the heck they're gonna you know people retired they changed the inspections they figured out that then it becomes grandfathered come on man sub that stopped building stuff where it shouldn't be built what is it because all of these developers wanted they want money exactly bowl money's eight fortysix mall traffic don't remember the when the real opens up in twenty five traffic is going to be just like it is today that's a that's scary funded in the mail and more stuck in traffic we've got the answer traffic is looking good this morning and it's typical coming in from the east kalanianaole highway has cleared out but you'll still find it slow on the freeway from cocoa avenue to the mccully overpass and west side commute has cleared until you get to the backups at the middle street merge h one slows at the nimitz exit the morton louis still backed up before putin loa road h one does improve significantly after all elaine heroes a true hero doesn't have to look like a hero my husband pastor big brother always.

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