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Body. And whether or not that is able to because I mean, that's like that's like the first place. It goes it goes into your digestive system and gets into your stomach. And now, we're all these things live and your digestive track. And that's what's like absorbing nutrients in giving them the place to go where they need to go. So if you don't have the right bacteria, you physically can't like, okay what what type of vegetables. Did you start eating like when you went vegan for those four months? What was your diet? Like, it was great. I mean, I wanna fiber a lot of gas. It was perfect to be honest with you like again, I made sure every day. I was eating a certain amount of a certain food, veggie, whatever it was. You almost dot. I almost died die actually at one point. He says he has really nice platform dead right now. And there was at one point he tried to order a crypt. He was going to start sleeping, laying cough it, and I was like dude something about this doesn't seem like the right place talk. Talk like I'm turning into a fucking plant. Are you one of the vegans who who is pressing the vegan movement on the non vegans or do try to educate the ones who are to do the best that they can? Yeah. I'm all about meeting people where they are. You know, like, I okay. So I grew up in a bit of a unique environment. So I grew up obviously eating vegetarian, but I grew up in south Mississippi, and like my both, my parents, one of the reasons why I was raised vegetarian is because both of my parents are or Hindu. So they're from Argentina converted from Catholicism Hinduism crazy. Yeah. This they went from a temple in Argentina. And basically went from Argentina to Brazil Brazil to south Mississippi of all places because they had a temple farm light community down there, and it was literally like a bubble. So inside of that bubble was Cal sanctuary. We had our own garden self-sustaining garden, we had a temple. What's that you're Amish? No, not not not. Like, a horse and wagon still trysofi I mean, it was just like a very like humble place where everybody kind of did their own service and just a faith based community have that big beard like with high again. That's Amish told me he was on. I know I've made mistakes. Sorry. It was more like women wearing saris, and and ornamental Doty's. And like, you know, what you've seen India? Oh that's in south Mississippi. Whoa. Are you still Hindu? Yeah. No way. Oh, I don't think I've ever met. This is the first false. Know, you said Jay on the show into Fischetti second. Jay. Jay J Alvarez. What I learned very young from a Hindu teaching that eating was the way, ready and. Could be the back. See Alvarez being a good Hindu believe it for a second. Dang, man. That's crazy this. Oh, okay. Because when he first said said south, Mississippi, I was thinking while it seems like a place that not a lotta vegans are, but you're saying it was a little tight knit community. Oh, yeah. But it was I mean at that in that community is vegetarian. Okay. Okay. So no meat. No fish, no, eggs, nothing like that. But just they would include dairy products, so dairy that was derived from like the milk from the cows that lived on the farm. So it's something called a hymns of milk. So a hymns is like the concept of compassionate nonviolence. And that's the way that well it used to be the case in India where they would treat the cows with love and respect because they saw it as like almost like a not like they just.

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