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Live from npr news in washington i'm nor rahm hurricane harvey has been upgraded to category three npr's windsor johnston reports the powerful storm is packing winds of one hundred twenty miles per hour is on track to make landfall on the texas gulf coast later tonight or early saturday morning forecasters say hurricane harvey is expected to linger over parts of texas for up to a week national hurricane center meteorologists michael brennan says the storm could drop up to thirty five inches of rain across a wide swath of southeast texas and southwest louisiana ruining it'll of a mole predated after your appropriate from a water perspective broke from heard an from a rainfall brennan says harvey could produce storm surges of six to twelve feet along parts of the texas coast combined with dangerously high winds he says the results could be catastrophic windsor johnston npr news washington president trump today's sign an executive order imposing new sanctions against venezuela in response to what the administration says as an erosion of democracy in venezuela at the united nations us ambassador nikki haley says the us must send a clear message to present nicholas maduro we are not going to tolerate the dictatorship he's trying to create and we're not going to respect the sham assembly and so at this point we felt like because we're not seeing any progress towards lifting up the venezuelan people and we see more of the powergrab that medeiros trying to do the sanctions were another option to send him a message.

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