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Pyros seattle i am rachel belle and i am crashing from sugar because i've been eating halloween candy morning noon and night and that's no joke by the way i just i have though i have to say the name of the so welcome to your last meal today on the code free table at work somebody bribes rhesus pumpkins there in the shape of tompkins and who knew that they would be so different from regular re says i think they are the superior he says superior to regularise this is at producer air and yes i think they have a better taste that are texture and contributed to the lethargic feeling i feel right now recording this podcast so this is your last meal a show about famous people in the stories behind the foods they love most today on the program the woman who can turn a onesyllable word into a five syllable word with her southern drawl the woman who most likely moisturizers her skin with a stick of butter celebrity chace polit denes last meal hello paul good morning how lowery how are you dare i'm good it's hard to say paul you have one of those names that you have to say the first and last it's just polity and you know i've had people say why are you call your children by the full name like gay meeting bobby you to your own kids i love that well i hate to bring up an xray the beginning but i was kinda chuckling this morning because i was reading about you and i didn't know that you're axes name was jimmy d ny mike of course she married a sausage name is jimmy dane that's right well let's up our first son was named after in these in junior oh well a junior sausage.

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