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Office we philadelphia's not beating lebron cleveland first round series let paul pierce live and finally johnny menzel through today at the university of san diego there were twelve teams there watching him thirty eight attempts to mrs and this is all in light rain apparently get a strong day does well beneficial twelve teams came out to watch johnny love if you could find what t here we got any oh yeah they're nice oh a bad pass no that was going to video shown let's let me another one okay let me live video christine sorry for the radio audience hold on were there because they better be hey that one was good no this new piece of ideo let's see so this new one sorry radio people that are i think that the same one at the same rate it doesn't look at but people who were there said that he had a strong light rain you think johnny manziel is making a comeback at him for wwe to small like no that's not true not true casey catton's aro was a ninja warrior she's barely five feet tall she and she is going to be in the wwe she so they're minute hokey lesson is ahah thomas is hokey i'm sure they would love him he'd be perfect once he's done with the nba the news well that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard my block draft one more time before the end of the show today trainer stop seizure carlin it will mile after it hit you stop trains can so there was a moment last night was a crazy game toronto played cleveland toronto's number one seed cleveland's like a three seed cleveland got some easy games left this is one of the tough ones have toronto at home and one more time toronto at home it was a statement game and this is the game cleveland leads by.

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