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This is the 6 30 report. I'm Sandy Collins, breaking now attributes been planned for the police officer who died after the Capitol Hill insurrection on January 6th. NBC's trucks. Iverson has more the late Capitol police officer Brian Sick. Nick will lie in honor in the U. S Capitol Rotunda next Tuesday and Wednesday, say Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer SEC Nick was fatally hurt in the storming of the capital by rioters collapsing when he returned to headquarters, say police officials sick. Nick was a military veteran, a staff sergeant for the New Jersey National Guard. Sick Nick's body will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Now newly appointed defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is extending his gratitude to the National Guard patrolling D. C since the violent storming of the capital yesterday, He made an impromptu stop it the capital and thank the troops for their dedication and service, Latest traffic and weather together right now, no unusual highway delays and no accidents reported right now. Now the lady's forecast from the train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 WLW got a winter weather advisory beginning tonight at six o'clock for the entire tri state, a couple of inches of snow. Expected around Cincinnati a little more for the counties north and east of Cincinnati. For the most part this afternoon. Mostly cloudy chance of late day rain high 38, then it'll switch over to snow Melo 32 overnight. Then that winter weather advisory kicks in six o'clock tomorrow for the tri state. I make that tonight at six until tomorrow morning at six rain tomorrow High 41 radar's clear right now and since Daddy 26 degrees Here's Matt Reese. Now, with more on the preparations for the storm to everybody standing by for the next round of snow, especially the people who have to clear the roads. Cincinnati's Department of Public Services crews will be reporting for duty Saturday night at seven o'clock will work. 12 hour shifts. Cruise of the Ohio Department of Transportation will be ready to hit the road Saturday evening and will work around the clock until the roads are clear, O'Dowd says. In many counties, they have been pre treating roads to get a jump start on the storm. I met Reese News radio 700 wlw. The vaccinations for Ohio teachers and other school personnel will begin next week. The state has mapped out the plan for the 600 plus School District's Spread out over a four week period. Schools now know what week.

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