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Could. He could swamp the hot one hundred with all these things. Oh, yeah. NFC hustle, probably will do great numbers, who knows probably will be old town road. But yes, it will do up right? Well, I don't have a forecast quite yet. The interesting thing is that DJ salads album, father facade was released on the same day, and that's through epic records, which is a label on Sony Music. It was released on the same day as Tyler the creator's new album eager which was released on Columbia records, which is another Sony label. So Sony has two competing hip hop projects against one another, if, if I'm to believe what I'm hearing and the scuttled out of the universe. It could be a battle for a number one between these two albums, and I think part of the reason why forecasts are so hard to do right now, as of this reporting on Monday on even even if you're listening to this say on Thursday morning, you know, on the last day of the tracking week, it's still could be difficult to predict because I'm assuming both artists and labels are going to pull out pull out every stop they hand to figure out like where they can find every last sale and every last stream because I think both artists probably want to be number one. It's interesting, the fact that they share Sony common. He has a think suddenly label v labels situation. You think someone would have figured out some street dates and said, you know, maybe we should hold out a different alleman, but I mean we've seen the same thing happened with within like the universal family labels, like we've had Interscope in Republic going up against one another. Remember a couple months ago? Like the week after the Academy Awards and a star is born was vying for number one to return to number one at the same time our Agron days. Thank you, next. Look like it could hold onto number one. And suddenly like both albums who had already been number one. Yeah. Were locked in a battle number wanted battle Mike, y'all y'all come on, you're both on the same, but it's like siblings will battle each other for mom's attention, which I think, is all the time. I know you don't understand reference, because you don't watch the NBA, but currently south and Steph curry are playing against each other in the NBA semifinals. They're on different teams. Different teams mom and dad are sitting in the stands and having the greatest time because they all they win regardless. Right. And they're like routing all they do is win on all they do is win said, DJ alad Toronto full circle. Well, now it is time for interview with AJ Mitchell. The eighteen year old who just turned eighteen a few days ago, a mere seventeen we chatted with him incredible. He stopped by the office. Recently for a great chat about his rise to notoriety, and how he got his first hit with all my friends. He was just thirteen years old when he started posting videos of him singing on social media, and that quickly turned into an opportunity at just fourteen to move to Los Angeles. Now just a few short years later, he's got a record deal with records, an album project on the way and his first billboard chart hit. He's doing pretty well, I'd say so take a listen to our interview with AJ Mitchell days. Fun. Somebody knew everybody looking.

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