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Fast are you while half fast. Run hundred meter dash. How productive is soil. Hominy bushel corn in a race. So i'll have an opportunity to find that out but it also gave me an opportunity to soil sample it because eastern gallagher has is it's very copy has an extremely dense read system. We tried to soil sample. It actually used a hydraulic probe stuck it in the ground and the trump queen up in the air while the probe wouldn't win. The soil is so dense with roots. Sounds to me like you had compaction issues. No lock impaction. It was it with roots and it was like. Oh my gosh what. What is the organic matter on this place. Well once it was tilled up. I don't know how many dylan's bass but add to be a lot. I went out there and grab a sample and eight point. Seven percent organic matter in fifteen years in fifteen years. So that's a show. One.

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