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Up to the news that there is a victim of identity theft now where is compromising their smartphone that's why LifeLock with Norton now includes protection for your identity and devices join of life what dot com and use promo code risk to get ten percent off your first year in some Labor Day Shelley driver there your southern California Chevy dealers were current qualified competitive let's see can get a cold for low mileage lease on a twenty nineteen equal knocks L. T. for around one eighty nine per month for thirty nine months with twenty nine seventy nine due at signing every day should be dry but your southern California Chevy dealer visits so cal Chevy dot com example based on national average vehicle selling price your payments may vary call eight four four fifty five Chevy per vehicle offer details it's the Labor Day Chevy southern California Chevy dealer now twenty nineteen Chevy trucks out west only sixteen thousand two hundred dollars after all offers when you finance with GM financial to your southern California Chevy dealer based on twenty one two hundred MSRP tax title license dealer fees extra some customers may not qualify take new retail delivery by nineteen ninety call eight four four fifty five Chevy or see participating dealer for details still beat the heat solar sail at several arrests sweep of the six thousand dollars zero down zero payments until twenty twenty and hurry before the thirty percent federal tax credit goes away local veteran separate celebrities your shoulder ripping and battery storage solution declare your independence from the Electric Company searching for Tesla power wall gold silver Solaris eight seven seven two one one fifty five ninety one or go December Solaris dot com a little over three thirty one nineteen I love the ocean I also respect the ocean so when I'm paddling I always wear my life jacket because things can change fast you should do the same and so should the people that you're with save the ones you love a message from California state parks division of boating and waterways eighty eight eighty eight Los Angeles hello Todd all right.

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