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Bob Johnson corporation Bob's employees don't go out there and pick up the trash they throw some money to modot and modot supposed to clean it up we we get calls every once in awhile they say how come this fencing company is in cleaning up highway forty four what they don't allow that fencing company to walk the highway that fence a company pays money to some fund that supposed to maintain it so what's happened is and we we get these calls every once in awhile they think that you know it says okay whatever Chevrolet is supposed to be cleaning up the section no that's not how it works and that's my understanding anyway because I've called some of these businesses after we get complaints here came what Bob straight probably knows more about that do you what have you adopt a highway Bob you know we have an adopted a highway I'm sure it's a government billboards you're right Charlie well you you pay yeah and then somebody from modot or some other interest organizations both to do the litter pick up right yeah if you had to do the litter pick up yourself I mean what a great vindictive outlet I'd adopt twenty miles in the name of Charlie Brennan exactly you know all right that's the one that you can always call four four four three thousand if you've got trouble your cable company or anybody else or if you have an extra cold on the other hand Brian Dugan is joining us from Catholic charities we've got Bob straight from St realty and you are collecting coats Bob yeah so last year when the polar vortex came in we I sit around with a buddy and join in I. cigar and I said I should do something he challenged me and then I got permission from Christina to do something to take off a couple weeks to collect coats so we started to go drive last year we did fifteen hundred coats fifteen articles collected and they all go to you Brian well that last year the primary agency receiving those with Saint Patrick's center which is very well known here in the Saint Louis area it's one of our eight federated agencies of Catholic charities of St Louis and so Bob this year wanted you to do things bigger and better and so therefore we hooked up and so not only will it benefit Saint Patrick's center but all eight federated agencies of Catholic charities so what opportunities to touch you know the very young to with the very old where do we take the coats so we have forty to drop off locations Carrollton bank central bank in Great Southern bank so they're all over the the metro area all the way over to Illinois to and this is a silly question are these new codes gently used coats what what type of clothes are eligible well preferably new but gently use is also very welcome and so you know if you have a closet full of codes like I do at home and and they're kind of sitting there and we have a daughter who likes the have codes so it's like you know this one this one's good maybe this one's a little bit older a little bit more worn put that to the side but we really want to make sure that those codes were giving to those who we serve are you not in tattered our toll right are are somebody's John because you what you wouldn't believe what something new can do for someone in need and and how it empowers them how it makes them feel like their life has meaning right and then hopefully they can take those positive feelings and and start to move forward with their lives simple as that so we need to go to southern bank Carrollton bank and central bank correct those are three any other locations well also CBC high school this is partnering up with us Catholic charities our main office on lead all right next door to the basilica at the archdiocese of St Louis and then one of our great partners Donna Miller Donna Miller piece on the Chesterfield yeah right off the north outer forty road fifteen hundred last year so we're shooting for five thousand books and I like it people last year **** well can we give money and we weren't set up last year so we teamed up together so if you go to our lane co check as T. L. dot org if they want to give money they can if they don't wanna go out by a coat but the money goes to the cuts by the way I don't know if you noticed but Bob streets wearing a full length mink coat today it's beautiful was at a donated Christina winter term yes yeah gorgeous really very nice you know it is cyber Monday and there are some great deals so if you're clicking away maybe you could buy a coat maybe find a great deal on a coat that you could give to the tell what your co try out right now I think that's tremendous me we had somebody come in for a visit of a supporter of ours and this coat that she had purchased brand new she had worn at one time and she's like it just doesn't really fit that well so she said I'm taking it off my back and thrown in and the band then and there you go and it's just like you know it's going to.

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