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Achieve Elon Musk says. That they had a saboteur working there. A ninja loafer who had conducted extensive and damaging sabotage to the company's operations, including allegedly making unspecified code changes to its manufacturing operating system. Wow. And. Sending sensitive tesla. Data unnamed third parties. So I don't know if this is a company that struggling a little bit trying to come up with an excuse or if that actually happened. He wants never lied to me or if it happened in their unrelated, I don't know. The full extent of his actions are not yet clear told employees yesterday, the stated motivation of the employees was that he wanted a promotion and didn't get it. So that's what you call in technical terms. And actively disengaged employees correct is unhappy with where they're working and go out of their way to actually sabotage of the company and that person apparently did. Wow. Well, smart enough to like, change, code and computing to hurt the operation, which would be very expensive problem. Critical time for tesla. Oh, yeah. Say turning point which way, they're turning not clear, so one of my favorite books of last. Well, my entire lifetime that I've read Moby Dick Moby Dick tale about a whale knots. The dictator's handbook the subtitle, which is why bad behaviors almost always good politics spy. Bruce, Bueno de mosquito and Alistair Smith. It is easily of Oran separating from his children. It is accessible and interesting to readers of any level. It is one of the best things about political science. I've ever read. I wish I'd read it in college. But it didn't exist at the time. Yeah. It is a completely different way to look at political science, and it points out that, you know, well, certainly in terms of human rights, there are great differences between. Governments that governments from dictate complete dictatorships to democracies differ. Only in the number of essential supporters our backs that needs scratching and every regime. No matter how quote unquote, free or dictatorial needs to gather up the goods and hand them out to get support. And it's the different ways they do that shows you how political systems function. It's great. But it reminds me of the indisputable and beautifully worded. The court by h l Mencken that I tweeted out over the weekend. And I said it ought to be taught in every middle school high school and college in America. Here's what he said. And keep this in mind as you approach the midterms keep this in mind, as you listen to every single politician Jabber, the state or to make the matter more concrete, the government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me they have taking one with another no special talent for the business of government. They have only a talent forgetting in holding office their principal device to that end is to search out groups who Panton pine for something that can't get and to promise to give it to them nine times out of ten that promises worth nothing. The tenth time. It is made good by looting. A to satisfy be in other words, and here's your here's your punchline governments is a broker and pillage in every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods, so true. So the part that at the website and in case you don't follow the Twitter. So the part that I really like in there. And I completely agree with is is probably the most controversial part of that. Because a lot of people wouldn't it. Agree is that they have no special talent that for government. I agree with that a lot of people feel like it's a special class of people that you know, that that should rule. A cer- can rule is the idea that we listen, I'm going to cheat a little on the wording of this to make it a little more obvious. But the idea that we should have citizens. Legislators people who are who are doctors and business people and nurses at school teachers in government. Oh my God. No, we must have politicians and government that's an obscenity against the idea of this country. But that is by far the most common attitude. You know? Tucker Carlson's big on the on the fact that he does a show on FOX. He's big on the whole elites run this country thing, and yeah, he doesn't screed on that. He was tying it into the immigration thing yesterday. And I thought it was absolutely right is the guy who comes from small town America, and lots of towns and counties that have changed completely and a very short period of time because of immigration, and you don't have to be racist to not like your town changing just normal human reaction, you grew up in a town. It was a certain way with a certain certain language, certain foods certain customs, you want it to stay that way. That's just human nature anywhere on planet earth. Does make you racist. Does make you a bad person? That's what everybody wants. And then you change your town has changed completely. And in many ways, you'd say for the worst. Now, we have crime we didn't use to our schools don't work they used to work fine. He can't get an obstacle us to be able to either. No everybody or be able to talk to. So I can't even talk to the civil. I don't know. Some of the stuff is completely negative. Some of the stuff is just normal human reaction and his Tucker pointed out, the people who make the rules their neighborhoods. Haven't changed a lick since nineteen sixty right? Their neighborhoods are exactly the same. So while they're lecturing about how you need to be more accepting of.

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