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In energy. You're feeling low in mood. You may want a additionally add in some methylated full as a supplement and so. I find that genetic testing can really helped me a lot when I'm looking at what. What are the most important supplements for that patient? If you to an another common question around testing around food intolerance fussing and get a lot of patients that come in and they want the food in times testing. I don't actually always run it I like to do a lot more at home. Just experiment type of testing with them and Talk a little bit about fated on setting as well as the inaccuracies inaccuracies that it can show. Yeah I mean. I think that you know food intolerance food sensitivity testing as well as food. Allergy testing. Have false positives and false negatives. They all do. So there's again there's no perfect test out there so food allergy testing would be more of an I g loo looking for an immediate reaction to a food food sensitivity. Testing would be more than I G G looking for elevated levels of immunoglobulins against a I G immunoglobulins against a panel of different foods. And I sometimes we'll do food sensitivity testing but a lot of times. I'll do a comprehensive elimination diet or a partial limitation diet where you know if I'm concerned about food sensitivities I'll remove some of the common food sensitivities on somebody remove them for for three weeks in slowly the back end and it can be really really powerful I think that sometimes food sensitivity testing helps me convince a patient okay. Let's let's really do this but it helps me delineate. What's going on? In how hundred percent like a hundred percent they need to be or how much they really need to pull food away but it again. It's just one piece puzzle. Yeah you're right so all you again. Bottom line using testing as a piece of the puzzle but not bootle talk about elimination diets and when I'm dining in practices wells. A lot of times. People are on these diets for a very long time in not getting better and so really speak a little bit to what using an practiced a big philosophy that I utilize is like the eaten abundance mindset within a real context and then also eighty twenty eighty percent of the time eating real foods twenty percent of the time let life happen to allow the freedom of travel to allow for the freedom of weddings to allow for the freedom of chocolate. And so talk a little bit. About how food changing the Diet. Can you really affected and win? It can be also detrimental. Elimination rises while great-great-great points and so important for us to be paying attention to You know the idea of doing an elimination diet to determine if food is causing somebody inflammation is not to stay on it forever. It is a short term process where you're looking to see if somebody's having symptoms and and you know that's helpful for some people like you know for me. I didn't really have any idea why when I was twenty. Why had congestion constipation digestive issues? I took away dairy and Mike. Oh I feel so much better. It was it was the removal. And then the reintroduction where the symptoms came back that really helped me realize that that was an issue and I totally agree with your eighty twenty. So important that were for most of the people in for most of the time were were appreciating. The fact that first and foremost we need to eat may need to nurse the body and we WANNA nurse the value with whole foods and we do need to be careful about just pulling away more and more foods because that's not always the answer and if you're not feeling better and you're pulling away foods than we've got a step back. It's what's is there something we haven't treated that we need to treat like a gut infection right or eating enough calories so that your body can heal. I mean some of those things are really important. Maybe we need to just help you digest your food made. It's not the food itself. Yeah I maybe you're eating a diet. But just like liver. Gallbladder pancreas seeing some support digestive. Louis our stomach acid et CETERA. So really weird. The fine tuned importance of working with the practice nerve resort. Time can be really helpful. Absolutely absolutely you know a lot of times you can't. You can't always do this on your own. You WanNa get a good practitioner. Who has experienced in this in this area? I don't know if you've ever ran into this in your journey but I caught shooting in the dark where you're just buying the next supplement saying it can help with this symptom or you're trying this diet or cutting out this this week and it just felt like a very wandering like lowly journey. Yeah you think. Oh you know I. I've got to try this one now. I've got to try this now. I've got to pull this away. And that's that's not always. It's not always the best way to go. I would love to know about a couple of patient. Stories that stick out. You don't use their names if anything comes to mind is like just an evolution in your time as a practitioner that you've really gotten to see the power functional medicine work and just the process where with a client and also with the timeline. Look like for them as far as how long that took. Oh you know it can be. It could be across either so many such a wide range of what we see for example. I had a child who came to see me with autism in his parents brought him when he was three and a very typical autism story where he had Regression at fifteen months in you know a we redid some very simple things you know. When we changed his diet he needed to eat more protein. He we did pull away gluten dairy because they can be a problem for kids on the spectrum and then we did some simple testing just to start with and he had this real remember athletic acid earlier. He had a really high math monica acid and he had a really low vitamin D and we added in a few supplements to support his DiCaprio. We gave him a high dose of injectable. B Twelve 'cause summers. He wasn't absorbing or utilizing his twelve when we brought up his vitamin D and he responded very quickly. You know that is not a typical of what I see with kids on the spectrum but it was a it was a really really quick really quick turnarounds which is very cool We don't always see that but on the other hand we see people who are maybe a longer process right. I worked with the woman who started to have digestive issues wins. She was around twenty She struggled with a lot of stress in. I think she she got a A bug like A. She said I got really sick. I got I got a lot of diarrhea cramping and then since then. My digestion hasn't been the same and gotten to the point where she was really having a hard time eating. You know she every time she she would get really floated in her stomach and as a result she was eating less and less and ship boss way her her period had stopped. And so you know shoes really. Having a hard hard time. She's also becoming more and more anxious. Which recently sometimes see when digestive system gets out of balance. We sometimes see that the that you shifted turns your personality. She's getting more and more anxious than having a hard time sleeping and having a job eating and losing weight so we we did a test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in it was. It was positive and we treat. It retreated with medication with a prescription medication in her symptoms. Responded Really Nicely. She got better but it didn't. It didn't hurt. Her mood. Started TO REALLY IMPROVE. But it didn't get all the way better. Which is something we see a lot. We see that we see that very often. She was getting her mood was getting better. She was less anxious. Who's starting to eat more? But she still was having bloating and couldn't tolerate all her foods so we did a little bit more testing and we found out that she had these antibodies against the pride of cells in her stomach. She had these prices. Are the cells in your stomach? That made a healthier Ray Down your protein helps your body absorb twelve and She just didn't have enough of she was. Her body was fighting off those cells so she wasn't making enough acid in her stomach. We then started to okay. We know we knew. Can we've gotTA deal with this? So we added in some things to increase the city in her stomach. When she you can use things like bidders We also gave her some bad teenage C. L. to help her digest her food. And it's when we did that. In addition to treating the bacterial overgrowth that that her digestive really started to improve and it took about six to nine months. A little bit more where she started to regain that weight she had lost. Every you know every time I talk to her. She started to feel a little bit more better and better. She was feeling more calm and happy and able to maintain a good way or herself. Was there just a couple of examples now disagreeing examples and I think what you just like really highlighted is just that sometimes it's just a little game changers that can make a big difference like that's true just like finding the little things in just continuing to the practitioner not settle for just like okay? These are just gonNA be your norm like Julia. Continue to lean in and believe that the body does have those capabilities to restore in be made better in whole so. That's super awesome to hear of all of that. And how can people find more about your work doctor? Boheme in just like the work that you're doing it you're For one. I know you have a book write out as well or DVD DVD's so I have a DVD on breast wellness. So I put it together a couple years ago. The Functional Medicine Approach to breast health and wellness and wellbeing. So looking at all the different things that may be impacting a woman's risk of breast cancer in how they can then rebalance it and it also has a DVD. Because it has some yoga practices that you can do again that a friend of mine didn't Within the DVD. So I have that on. My website is Dr Boheme Dot Com and also I'm at the Ultra Wellness Center website. Ultras calm and I'm on facebook. Elizabeth boheme MD and Instagram Elizabeth. Bohannon thinking twitter. Dr Bohannon him something like that. They're all sorts of baystate. People can follow me. Yeah definitely Links in the show notes and thanks so much for taking some time to come on and break and makes them new roles wellness..

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