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Back it's middays mark tuesday edition here on the thom hartmann program and russ in hickory hills illinois were on the earth congressman hi it's nice to talk to you maybe you can answer this question maybe you've heard a great fight is it airtight cami baldwin that joe donnelly joe matches special heidi heitkamp standing triple over the tongue while we're gonna pour jugs because you know we're in red states and we're up for reelection donald trump to get reelected she's an embarrassment people can call them three democrats turn coached i'm just there for a paycheck okay ross we get the idea congressman your thoughts i i agree with you rush said i think the democrats should fight as hard as possible if they get a bad nominees submitted you know we've been fortunate 'cause tammy baldwin is such a principal leader here in wisconsin but i'm hoping that other centers will also stand up for what's right in i think again the base that's just the base the public expects that and you know we'll see who he puts up and i think that's going to be an important component of it but i agree i hope there's a strong fight put together charles noble locka florida you're on the air with carson okay good afternoon gentlemen congressman can yup i looked up the word meat to in spanish as you'll tambi and the reason why i do 'cause i wanted to ask you a question i'm basically i feel like corporate america has always been addicted to slave labor and slave wages and you know that's the reason why we have the legal problem i don't think that's the problem i think it's illegal employment problem and we need to lock up and you know and hire people illegally knowing knowing the same but my thing is is are you going to put on your website or the democratic national committee gonna put on their website you know a place where immigrants illegal aliens can come in until the stories of working illegally you know for these companies you know and and and then and they know full will that these people didn't have their papers because they're they're getting so villain is not a you'd have trump separating families you know these protocols these people know what they've done what they've done and the aware and i think they're just trying to cover it up and the democratic party or even you congressman gonna put something out there where people could come and tell their stories as well the metoo movement yeah charles i believe i have seen these out there i think there are sites with by either nonprofits are others that do just that so the stories are out there the only thing i would counter charles is i don't think most of these people are coming to the united states for a job and then that's the issue i think that's part of the false so that's out there by donald trump most of the people that are coming right now because the last decade it's but a net migration leaving the us going back to some of the countries south of the border when people are coming because they're fleeing violence specifically in guatemala honduras el salvador i mean obviously there's still others they're coming but those are the big three right now we're experiencing and yeah when you hear some of those stories and i've seen some of those posted you really get to understand why they're leaving and try to make a better life for them and their child because they're afraid they won't live or survive where they're at so i just think it's important to say that because sometimes the myth is people are coming here for jobs and they're taking jobs away the reality is quite different john in washington state john you're on the air with carson cocaine john ninety one point three fm.

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