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Briana Taylor's boyfriend fired on them, thinking they were criminal intruders. They returned the gunfire with multiple shots, killing Taylor, a black woman who had been working As a health emergency worker. No criminal charges directly related to that case, not in Washington as the nation's capital and visiting Warner's pay tribute to a late Supreme Court Justice. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg arrived at the Supreme Court for the last time Wednesday, where she now lies in repose. Carolyn Curry, Talman and Renee Bobbitt came from Florida to pay their respects. So many of the things that we take for granted as women and people you know she was instrumental in providing, so that's that's really why we felt like we had to be here that report from Sky Lord Henry with the U. S now passed. 200,000 victims Dead victims Top U. S. Health officials appeared before Congress for a covert 19 vaccine. Update. MULLEN, you reporters Drugmakers race to develop a vaccine, The FDA is expected to issue tougher standards for Ruble. FDA will not authorize or approved any covert 19 vaccine before it has met the agency's rigorous expectations for safety and effectiveness. I think that's going to take us, April May June. You know, possibly July to get the entire American public completely vaccinated. One of the great running backs of NFL history Gale Sayers has died. W BB EMS Ryan Baker spoke to him in 20 1697 yards on 17 carries. You still do that kids? Yes, Gale Sayers was 77. Will be challenged. But California Governor Gamma Newsom says his state is going to.

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