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And emotionally a probably always still be there you know when i was a teenager i war the the stake adults emblem around my neck adult means both banks of the river jordan i was in the in the right wing nationalist beta youth movement you know the west bank wasn't enough for us it was also the kingdom of jordan that belong to us so emotionally i'm there and so for me to have come from the right and to be expressing any empathy for palestinians is is kind of betrayal on the other hand i would push back at what you said and challenge you and say well wait a minute it does matter if fifty out of the sixty two people who were killed last week were hamas operatives by hamas own own admission or boast i think that really does matter in terms of the narrative not not in terms of saying well wait a minute any any sympathy for the palestinians is beyond a pale because what did dr tens of thousands of people to be to be charging the fence and i think it's a mixture of desperation mindset extent and just i i think it's a mixture of desperation and a kind of poisoned maximalist politics where where the let's take the word return seriously and and the question that i have for gaza is return from where to wear isn't gaza palestine why are there refugee camps in in gaza is there any other place in the world where there are refugee camps in your own country with people saying we're we don't want to stay here we want to go to another country the state of israel is another country it is not palestine anymore and so post indians needs to be called on that and left wing jews needs to have a little more backbone and stand up and push back at some of the more problematic.

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