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I see six seven wins the best wh- listening. I if that happens is it won't be enough amount about I'm out about sit here and try to kill somebody that knows the reality. That would be a devastating number for Gus malzahn. Hey, thank you very, very much. It's been a long time since a flip the button. And the said Larry is up next. Larry, what's up Paul file Baltimore school? Larry glad to know you survive the winter. I am a boat, though said mind you had your birthday. Yeah. Life Saturday, Jack. I wish I had known I would have come in for the party. Oh boy. Yeah. Seventy one by you are seventy one years old. I thought you were older. Thank you, Paul. That's, that's that's really nice. You are Larry, you are still a young pup. I know I feel that why my mom says twenty five I mean seventy one I mean I mean that's just. Now you talking dog ears, a real years. Real yours. Older. The thought that I thought. No, my high million on the number one live from, Danny. Grams definitely went all in on you the other day. Yeah, man, I I couldn't help call in and get back now and start Colin coz, it's time pow I love you man for what you've done today. The Clemson undress them by the you told it like it is. On. Well, you know, it's taken me listen, it's almost been six months since that nightmare in, in Santa query, and I have to tell you, I have not said this before Larry, but I've been sick pretty pretty sick for the last couple of months. And I'm sure you've been able to see it on the air but I think I'm getting better now. You are. Yeah. And, and in jail, I and I wanna say something to grave for matins you'll know submarine godmother one, Jim gets on you dive. Ooh. Ooh. Well, thank you. Larry is back football season's around the corner. And so is our next conversation? We are back with thirty minutes remaining after this. Listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back Tim Corbin, the coach of the Vanderbilt Commodores will join us tomorrow on the program. They just got back in Nashville from Omaha..

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