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Com and see if you can score some passes there Larry what are some of the other things as far as were pulled back the curtain on here on what this looks like we can do this from our tablet we can do this for a phone which is light years from when he when you and I started I I mean I even remember the massive monitors which were four feet deep right they were so big and so thick they weighed about fifty pounds yet have a spotter to get one off the desk that's really not the case anymore this is mobile friendly this is this is travel friendly this is your individual friendly and like you were saying before doesn't matter your background everybody just has to learn this before they can do it yeah absolutely and again it all comes down to the a B. C. D. E. we talked about if you don't believe you can or you can't it's going to be up to you in fact Henry Ford use that exact quote what do you think you're right you're wrong you're right because if you have that mindset you can't you can't do something that also lease was gonna come back to bite you in the long run and so this comes down to what do you want your life to look like what we offer our students right now is called the system our patented core strategy which is a simple step by step investment strategy and the whole reason that it's a system is is designed to save you save yourself stress time energy and money and so the goal here right now is to sit down and say maybe for the first time what do you want your life to look like and more importantly if you ask yourself in the mirror how's that life working for you and you're not saying outstanding then you need to really revisit this and so people that I've seen make this transformation have enjoyed the fact they've gone from working an average ten hours a day because that's the average right now right yeah down to maybe putting in an hour or two a day on setting up their trades and it gives them that flexibility now to do other things they've always wanted to do but more importantly if you have a child out there have a grandchild we may be your great uncle like little Johnny's uncle was how great would it be to be able to teach them a skill very early on in life to help them because this is really what it comes down to right now one of my favorite quotes from my movie I love is the pursuit of happiness and it was the Chris Gardner story portrayed I will Smith and one of my favorite lines were he basically heard from his mom and Chris Gardner's mom said to him honey the cavalry eight common so if you're out there thinking that someone's going to help you down the road or they'll be this magic money is going to appear you've got to change that stinking thinking as you'd say Ryan right and actually start thinking about what you're going to do at this moment at this time to change your perspective because if you don't start thinking about yourself and your family and what your goals are you to keep working for other people to help them meet theirs yeah it's like a dumb and dumber when they're just waiting for their big break well we got to keep our eyes open at St a we're gonna get our big break one of these days right things just it's it's it it goes back to an interesting lesson that I that I had I was working with an instructor who is who is teaching me a few things and this was a years years ago and he said something at the end about and then state when was the harder I work the luckier I seems to get a it's not accidental right that there are this group of five percent let's say it's sitting in that financially dip into are financially independent scenario and even when something does happen to them and they come out of it for a little bit it's not an accident that they end up back in there it's because they're doing something about it the harder they work the luckier they see we don't drink Noreen they're ignoring this time time is gonna continue to March on over and over again and there are people out there who really believe that I've got this time where I can catch up and do this may do this later yeah exactly or just not the right time you ever hear that one just not the right time I ducks are in a row yeah all these extra uses know what that's called in the rule of the real big difference between the ninety five percent is in the five percenters the five percent as they take action they're willing to do whatever it takes to be successful the ninety five percent is a live in this nation you want to live in called procrastination they've got an excuse or as I love to say Albert Einstein's were my favorite quotes of his is don't hang out with negative people why they got a problem for every solution absolutely you can make progress or you can make excuses but you can't make both I want to where we can help Larry's how about we do our final give away for those ready to make some progress let's do.

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