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Get to new quarterbacks and new homes this year. There's a bunch this Like last night. The game was defined by quarterbacks last year. The story was Brady going to Tampa for the first time, and last night, it was the return of Dak Prescott. I would say, nine times out of 10. When you preview an NFL game, it usually starts with Who's the quarterback for Team A. And who's the quarterback for a Team Bay and how can we market it around Those quarterbacks and those questions are those concerns. Not necessarily how the game is always one. It's the way on a broad scope, though, that we do talk about it. When we get to this weekend. You have a bevy of quarterbacks that are either now fully entrenched as the team starting quarterback or given that opportunity to be the team starting quarterback. That's been the roster before. But weren't the guy now they're getting that opportunity to be the guy or the guy has never been the organization before. And now we started like you Look at the Jaguars that Texans I know people are gonna say no one cares about the Jaguars and the Texans. There's a reason to watch that game, not necessarily for Toronto, Taylor But to see how Trevor Lawrence is going to do in his first NFL game. Because that would be I don't know about you, Ron. It would be a miserable start. Even though I don't think the Jaguars are any good. It would be a miserable start for the Urban Meyer era. I don't even know if it's necessarily the Trevor Lawrence error in the way that people would talk about that, but with some of the negativity that was surrounding Urban Meyer this off season If you lose to the Texans, who right you could root for Dave Cully. You look at this roster, though, like they just signed Danny Amendola, who's 35? Nothing against him. That team. Is not good. Not the Jaguars aren't good either. But to start your number one overall pick your transcendent franchise quarterback. You get one of the great coaches from college coming over. You've got to win this game. If you're Jacksonville, I wouldn't be. It wouldn't surprise me if they lost. But it would get a little ugly for urban Meyer, who is used to winning, winning, winning, winning, winning and you couldn't even beat the team that everyone thinks going to be the number one overall pick this year in the Houston Texans. It is crazy to have the rooting for Houston. To be honest. What in 15 team coming into the next year must win game, But yeah, you're right. You're under that right. Then you get the Chargers that Washington. All right. We all know Herberts there for your number two, but you have it's magic. Can this finally be the year that fits Magic takes the Washington football team or any football team. To the postseason. Seattle at the Colts. Now we thought this was gonna be Jacob Easton, right? And the same Ehlinger got hurt. We thought this is going to be Jacob Beeson against Russell Wilson. Now it's confirmed. Good to go, Carson once and I think clear about this. I used to be a huge believer in Carson Wentz. He's got to prove to me that he could be somewhat of the of the resemblance of what he used to be. And even though he's in a better spot, even though they run the football time name Heinz got the contract extension today. So have Jonathan Tellinhim. Heinz. Is Marlon Mack. Good to go for the start of the season. Yeah, Okay, so he's good to go good to go even coming off the injury from last year and I have more of a Mac is underrated. I was a big fan of Marlon Macron back to his days at USF. This is a very good run game. With. We'll see who plays on the offensive line, but generally a good offensive line for the Colts. There's no excuses this year for Carson ones. I don't want to hear him crying. I want him blaming others if he does not perform well, this is on Carson ones. Jets at the Panthers. Debut for Sam Donaldson, Carolina against his former team in Zach Wilson. Do you think there is at all and I don't even very negative about the Jets, and he kind of in the voice of doom and gloom for the Jets. If you're a jet fan, where's your excitement? If you had to take off your hatred for the Jets, where would you excitement level? Be if you're a Jets fan for this upcoming season? I would say pretty high You know, in terms of having realistic expectations for it's not going to wait to win 91 football, right? We gotta head coach at for first time in a long time. People are logging say that's a good high for the Jets and wanted you right. And you have a quarterback. You took number two overall that has promised so, Yeah. If you're judging optimistic that this could be exactly fun year, they could result four or five wins. But Show potential going forward. The Jets need to be the Dolphins for what the Dolphins have been the last two years. Absolutely. The first year. There's no expectations. You end up impressing people by winning what, five games and getting the fifth overall pick whatever they want. That in your number two. They took it to that next step. I'm not saying next to the Jets going to be a nine or 10 win team like Miami was, but you're showing that you're getting the most out of the players and you're moving in the right direction. And there's no question about the head coach of the quarterback, right. That's kind of been the thing for the Jets for awhile. Can't trust the head coach can trust quarterback. It could be a question about the quarterback with the Dolphins. Well, that is very true, but at least for the Jets, right, that's all that's all. You can hope for two years from now. At least have solidarity that those two are the guys, for example, if the Jets turn out like Carolina last year Who they didn't have a great wind total, but they were in a lot of games. If you're a jet fan last, he had no reason to watch after the first quarter. Yep, really. You were lucky if you got to the third quarter if you got through a half Give if I'm a Jets fan, give me a reason to watch in the fourth quarter..

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